When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

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Thread: When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

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    When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

    I understand where you are coming from on the 2nd group .A real face palm

    However there are senior members who humiliate a New Member who had only just posted his first thread to ask a question .
    Seriously I remembered when I first joined CS , there are so many sub-forum and buttons and such , its really overwhelming, give the 1 count warrior a break ....

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    Complaint at the first post joining a forum?
    Linux user started Jun 2004 - No. 361921
    Using a Linux live CD to clone XP
    To install Linux and keep Windows MBR untouched
    Adding extra Linux & Doing it in a lazy way
    A Grub menu booting 100+ systems & A "Howto" to install and boot 145 systems
    Just cloning tips Just booting tips A collection of booting tips

    Judge asked Linux "You are being charged murdering Windoze by stabbing its heart with a weapon, what was it?" Replied Linux "A Live CD"

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    You have to keep in mind that these "senior members" are human beings that voluntarily take time out of their busy hectic days to hep complete total strangers.

    And sometimes these newbies don't do much to help themselves...don't answer requests for additional information etc...

    So it can be a frustrating experience for both parties

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    I agree with Steve. On the other hand I think that people create this ecosystem so is better to be the most respectful in your approach to ask and answer a question.

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    he is right. We should be able to ask question without being pushed around. I know the senior users have more knowledge, that's why we as a newbie joined the forum to learn more and find out more about our problem.

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    We are trying to protect and defend Linux from what's trying to destroy Linux to spend it..
    We are here to assist the newbie every way we can, not hurt their feelings by bullying them because they can't think like you can.. If you can't treat them with respect then be silent.. Many novices are asking questions they don't have a clue about.. They've tried everything they could think of, to no avail.. They are fed-up trying to get the darn thing working right.. They've lost their temper a long time ago.. They are probably just about ready to dump Linux, and toss the computer into the garbage.. I saw a notebook that the previous owner ripped eleven keys off the key-board to make it unusable for anyone to see her data.. People generally can't think these days.. Humanity is devolving... Treat them as helpless desperate children.. Detail solutions in such away that a ten year old could understand them.. Teach your solutions in simple usable clear steps that kids could follow.. Some of the novices are kids.. You aren't chatting with computer experts.. You are chatting with novices who only know how to press the On button, how to use passwords like 'qwerty' & '12345678', how to do an email, how to surf the internet, how play in YouTube chats and comments, and how to peek into triple-x.. Most of them don't have a clue how to download a video, nor what 'mp3' or 'ISO' means.. Daddy bought the computer at wallmart already loaded with an OS.. Someone installed Linux in it to save them grief and money, and now they are having one hell of a time trying to operate it like they did windows 7 or 10, especially after hellcrosoft upgraded everyone's windows OS to W-10 without anyone's permission.. It was like hellcrosoft rammed a dirdy sticky finger in everyone's special secret private place, and wiggled it, to show us they own us.. That's why people are switching to Linux.. They are fed up with hellcrosoft's incessant bullying, and they heard that Linux is free and better than windows..

    Don't expect genius answers from novices.. Heck! don't even expect intelligent answers from novices.. They don't have it to say.. Some don't even know how to change a burned out light-bulb.. Be kind gentle and respectful to them.. You are all novices in something.. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".. Ease the information you need out of them with elementary-school types of questioning.. You are here to help those people who can't think out their problems.. You are here to nurture the love for Linux, not help the greed-devils kill Linux.. Read the Linux philosophy.. The novices really can't think anything out themselves, is like how and why I got a massive top quality white-gold cluster diamond ring full of the highest quality diamonds which show red fire even from candle light, from a garage sale for 50-cents.. It was tarnished black, and couldn't easily be cleaned.. It was dirdy so it was garbage.. Same how I got these two new top end Milwaukee angle grinders for $4 each from two garage sales three weeks apart, that retail for $500 each.. They had a year of garage dust on them, they were dirdy so they were garbage.. The millennials don't have the wits to realize that things can be cleaned or fixed.. I watched a female pounding in loose nails in her deck, holding the hammer by its claw, striking the spikes with the end of the hammer's wooden handle.. If a cord gets frayed, and a thousand dollar machine won't work because it makes sparks and pops circuit breakers, it gets tossed out because it's junk because it's broken.. I found this brand new shiny compressor tossed out at the curb two months ago.. Its tank vent plug was left open.. It didn't work, so it was considered to be garbage.. Yay millennial's..

    Do you want to see how bad a Linux forum can become, where innocent novices get hard bullied and stomped upon like someone squishing little bugs.? Look into Linux Mint Forums as a pretend novice, and in your second post say something about why you don't like the windows bullying.. The seven hellcrosoft enforcer venomous rattle snakes will instantly slither into the thread one after the other like a charging army of front-line war bullies, like a herd of African wild dogs eating their prey alive, like demon-cult terrorists attacking scientists and evolved humans, like seven putins attacking you with all their well-rehearsed infantile professional bullying evils and overly decorated copied and pasted hate posts, like seven floating turds in the plugged latrine coming to life.. They are an integral part of what's trying to kill Linux, it's their job... Try to not lose your temper with novices.. You are their teacher.. They are grade one computer school.. Make JustLinux be the best Linux Computer Forum on the Internet, because it is, and you are the best of the best, is why you're here..
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