When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

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Thread: When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

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    When Newbies Ask For Help in NEWBIES CORNER

    I understand where you are coming from on the 2nd group .A real face palm

    However there are senior members who humiliate a New Member who had only just posted his first thread to ask a question .
    Seriously I remembered when I first joined CS , there are so many sub-forum and buttons and such , its really overwhelming, give the 1 count warrior a break ....

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    Complaint at the first post joining a forum?
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    You have to keep in mind that these "senior members" are human beings that voluntarily take time out of their busy hectic days to hep complete total strangers.

    And sometimes these newbies don't do much to help themselves...don't answer requests for additional information etc...

    So it can be a frustrating experience for both parties

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    I agree with Steve. On the other hand I think that people create this ecosystem so is better to be the most respectful in your approach to ask and answer a question.

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    he is right. We should be able to ask question without being pushed around. I know the senior users have more knowledge, that's why we as a newbie joined the forum to learn more and find out more about our problem.

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