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    Linux for mobile devices

    is there a linux for mobile phones that i can install and even customize, got a rasberry pi and arduino so looking for a project to do, was think of making a basic mobile phone but got stuck on what software i will install in the phone.

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    Tizen is a Linux-based mobile OS. it was earlier known as LiMo (Linux on mobile) but was renamed to Tizen after Meego project was stopped and Intel joined LiMo project. As the case with most of the OSís these days, Tizen is also an OS for multiple category of devices like mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets etc. The USP of Tizen is the ease through which network carriers can provide Value Added Services (VAS) to their subscribers.

    Linux foundation oversees Tizen project while Samsung and Intel that form the technical steering group (TGS) play an active role in governing this project. Network Carriers especially in Japan have shown a good interest in Tizen while Samsung is expected to roll out new Tizen based devices soon.

    Despite of a steady growth that Tizen is experiencing, the only point of concern is the app store for this OS. Application store for any smart phone OS has become an important factor that can make or break the market. We have to wait and see how Tizen performs on this aspect.
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