no X server available after dist-upgrade from stable to testing

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Thread: no X server available after dist-upgrade from stable to testing

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    Question no X server available after dist-upgrade from stable to testing

    as the topic says.. I have just upgraded from wheezy to jessie and have lost my GUI. I was on kernel 3.4.0-4-686-pae and now I am running on 3.16.0-4-686-pae. I had been using NVIDIA drivers from their website for the last few years. After the upgrade I seem to be stuck in some sort of nvidia/nouveau hell where I can't figure out the right settings to get my X server back.

    1) which drivers are the better ones to use.. nouveau or nvidia?
    2) how can successfully uninstall whatever I don't need?

    Can anyone help me out? I've been banging away on the keys for half a day now trying to reconfigure stuff.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Presumably you have access to the terminal mode.

    Have you tried
    If x does not start you will get a error log at least for helping the diagnosis. It is quite common a newer version of the kernel could use a wrong driver.

    In general you can try the drivers out one by one to get back x. For Debian the drivers are stored in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers
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    Regardless of the method used for upgrading, it is recommended that you check the status of all packages first, and verify that all packages are in an upgradable state. The following command will show any packages which have a status of Half-Installed or Failed-Config, and those with any error status.

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