Do i need gateway IP for a KVM VPS?

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Thread: Do i need gateway IP for a KVM VPS?

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    Do i need gateway IP for a KVM VPS?


    i have host server on which is virtualization (KVM) and one KVM VPS.
    Host server has one IP and i bought additional IP for my VPS (/32) so i think there is no gateway IP for this additional IP.
    Server provider told me i need to route traffic thru host server. But i dont know how as im newbie. Is there any tutorial?

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    I hope you have already found this out, but you need to tell your interface where to send ip packets so they can be forwarded to the rest of the network.
    That is the gateway address, what is the is the gateway address that the host points to? use that one for each of your VMs, or use the host it self if you set it up to foward from the guest systems.

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