Integrate my Windows Domain home user 's folders to Linux?

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Thread: Integrate my Windows Domain home user 's folders to Linux?

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    Integrate my Windows Domain home user 's folders to Linux?

    How do I "integrate" my Windows Domain home user 's folders to Linux home userīs folders when I log in as domain user at Linux copmuter?

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    You can mount any Windows partition in Linux manually or permanently. To do this you has to be in root or prefix the commands with "sudo" for certain Linux.

    To mount a partition every time the Linux is boot you specify it with the /etc/fstab configuration file.
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    Can you clarify your question?
    Are you talking about accessing windows files that exist on the NTFS partition(s) of a dual boot pc, or are you trying to access files from the AD domain on the Linux pc.
    The answer and process are similar for both but not the same.
    If on the same PC modify /etc/fstab to mount the partitions where needed per Saikee.
    If on the domain then you will need to setup the mount to use the "cifs" type and provide connection info see man mount.cifs

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