Running Tiny Linux Inside Another System?

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Thread: Running Tiny Linux Inside Another System?

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    Running Tiny Linux Inside Another System?

    My father, who is 93 has a problem. I don't have endless hours to
    resolve this problem because I'm a senior partner in a business.

    I've built many computers and my skill level with most versions of
    Windows is advanced. When it comes to Linux distros I'm like the
    guy watching mountains goats with a pair of binoculars. I know a
    little, watching from a great distance!

    My dad is using 98SE and there is nothing I can do or buy that will
    persuade him to abandon this old system. That would be fine,
    except old browsers no longer render web pages properly. I'm very
    aware of KernelEx. It's suppose to perform miracles with 98SE. I've
    tried KernelEx with several of the recommended browsers. The results
    were horrible.

    While googling for a solution I found documents about running Windows
    98 inside of a Linux browser, or something like that. Frankly, I'm almost
    afraid to read this kind of stuff.

    I guess I can ask anything, since I don't know what Linux can or cannot
    do. Can you take one of the "mini" distros like Puppy Linux or TinycoreLinux
    and run it from a real or virtual partition inside 98SE? If I could create
    something like that on my dad's computer, he would be comfortable
    because it would seem like an extension of 98SE. If this is possible, he
    could launch a modern Linux browser that would restore all the missing
    images and dead links that cripple his old browser.

    I don't know if this info will help, but I replaced all the old USB 1.0 drivers
    with a 2.0 pack created for 98SE. Any USB device like a new flash drive is
    installed automatically.

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    I doubt any current virtual application will run under W98. You did not mention the specs for the computer but I doubt it has the capability to run something like VirtualBox. If your father is unwilling to abandon W98 I'm not sure if there is anything you can do.

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    Yes, of course you're 100% correct.

    My company started when computers had no GUI, hard disks, etc. If I
    remember correctly, the first "real" computer I owned was called the 286.
    It used 5" floppy disks.

    It's a very old story. You ask a question when you already know the
    answer. Well, I'm glad an expert like yourself replied to my post.

    Thank you michaelk.

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    Zorin is a linux distribution that is designed for windows users. I don't know if it will run on your father's PC without know some specs.

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