We are announcing a release of our audio system based on embedded Linux on a small system on a chip board with Delphi FMX clients on Windows, Mac and Android.
Its based on the Beaglebone Black using a Maxim audio codec. Its an awesome stereo system that allows the playback of music files from its built in hard drive, from internet radio stations, and can do mixing and recording. It also has wireless Wifi audio speakers and can even playback from Itunes and can stream stored video to Chromecast.
Currently we describe some of the hardware details but will be providing a better description on how to build it, how to use it, (and how to keep from ticking off the neighbors ) and will provide compiled and source software for you to play with if you so desire. This was pushing the limit for such a small system, from kernel building to myriad communications types, we had to learn a lot ourselves.
A lot of it works well but Its still in Alpha development stage and we are very keen on getting folks impressions, and suggestions and if so desired getting their scripting hands dirty.

check out our preliminary project page at: https://sites.google.com/site/hdpoint1/home