I have a working database search scenario like this:

* User chooses an item from a drop-down menu, AND...
* User then types a four digit number into a text field and clicks a "Search" button.

I've been tasked to change this search method as follows:

* User chooses an item from (the same) drop-down menu, AND...
* User clicks a button representing the desired four digit number, which initiates the search.

There's currently one HTML document, and one PHP script controlling this search. I've isolated the HTML code that controls the text entry field, and the "search" button, but I need to find a way to combine those functions into the one button that sends the search. There's a matrix of 160+ four digit numbers, so I will be building a table of buttons for those numbers (I've already been testing this with a couple of rows of buttons, just to make sure that part of it works). I'm a total noob with PHP, just watched videos to get somewhat up to speed. I do know HTML/CSS and Javascript. Any help with this is very much appreciated, please let me know if more info is needed. Thanks.