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    Syslog-ng & Multiple network sources

    Hey, I wonder if anyone here has any experience with syslog-ng and can point out the error of my ways.

    Trying to get multiple network sources going to a syslog-ng server I have setup and I already have it working for our Cisco ASA as well as one (dev) webserver.

    Here is what I have already. The first source gets all events from our firewall.
    The second one (s_digopsdev) gets syslog and httpd (access_log and error_log) from a server our devs use for staging.
    These two work.

    source s_net {udp(ip("") port(514)); };
    source s_digopsdev { tcp(); };
    source s_assets { tcp(ip( port(1000)); };
    The third, s_assets, is set up to collect httpd logs (same as for the dev box), but every time I go to restart service syslog-ng it fails.
    I'm positive my destination and log parameters are correct.

    I probably haven't posted in this forum in 5 years or so (I can't remember really) you guys were always awesome and never let me down before.
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