Greetings fellow Slackware Linux users!

A week ago on Jeremy's, Nicolas Kovaks (kikinovak) made a post suggesting the need for a centrally located compendium of Slackware Linux documentation that could be compiled, maintained, and archived for use by all. This posting mobilized the hardcore Slackware user community at to post suggestions and criticisms regarding this topic. Thanks to Mr. Eric Hameleers (Alien Bob), a Slackware Linux Core Team member and Mr. Nicolas Kovacs, an IT professional and creator of MicroLinux, the dream of many a Slacker for the past 19 years has become a reality.

The Slackware Linux Documentation Project is born! The project has the blessing of Slackware's BDFM, Patrick Volkerding. It is currently being designed and staffed and will go live very soon. It is using the DocuWiki wiki software. This is a worldwide, multi-language (English as primary) community project. Your help is needed. Please come join us in creating what we hope will be the largest single source of Slackware Linux knowledge on the Net.

The wiki is in the process of being created and staffed at this time. You can still register and begin contributing. Also, your thoughts and input are welcome on the mailing list and the project's IRC channel. Let's work together to make this happen!

Thank you, Just Linux for allowing this small advertisement on your excellent forums.


-- the original thread at
-- the Alien Pastures (Alien Bob's blog) article
-- the Slackware Documentation Project wiki
-- the SlackDocs mailing list
-- IRC Channel = #slackdocs on

~V. T. Eric Layton, Slackware Linux Documentation Project - Staff Editor