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    Question Need help with Thesis subject

    Recently, i moved to Linux. im loving every minute of it.
    i have to do my Computer Science Mastery Thesis (Software major) and i like to do it about Linux SO THAT:
    1st- i give back
    2nd- it's frighteningly interesting
    3rd- great communities (like this one)

    the problem is that i have NO IDEA what i'm gonna write; i mean, almost anything i see in user-space or kernel, is interesting. i'm good at Operating Systems (in general, NOT LINUX) and very good at networking (IN GENERAL). i know C, Java and PHP + SQL.

    please advise


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    welcome to the Linux fam! it's awesome that you're loving the switch. focusing on Linux is a fantastic choice. you've got some solid reasons - giving back, the sheer interest, and the vibrant communities in the Linux world.

    given your background in OS and networking, you're in a good spot. maybe you could explore something like how Linux handles networking at the kernel level? or dig into system calls and how they play a role in Linux functionality?

    since you know C, Java, and PHP + SQL, you could also look into how these languages interact with Linux, or even develop an application that enhances the Linux experience.

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