How to have dual boot of Ubuntu in grub?

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Thread: How to have dual boot of Ubuntu in grub?

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    How to have dual boot of Ubuntu in grub?

    I have been running Kubuntu for about 8 months straight now. I used to use windows, since 3.0 days, very used to it. I like to have 2 installs of an os, in case I bork one, which I usually do.
    Just lately, I decided to try to dual boot Kubuntu, and grub will not go for it. I tried one install on one drive and one on another, nope, won't add both. Tried both installs on the same ssd,
    nope, only one install for the boot entry. I use the boot-repair-disk cd on flash drive to switch installs, but again only one of the installs shows. It picks up my old win7 install no problem?
    And no, sudo update-grub doesn't help. I do use btrfs, is this the issue? Oh, and I don't use efi boot, I use csm. Is grub2 not able to deal with that?

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    TBH I have the same question too, can anyone help?

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    I too have a small problem, when I start the installation of Ubuntu it does not detect that I have a Windows already installed and it offers me directly to install Ubuntu without dual boot ...

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