Debian installs fine until I need to select a mirror and attempt to connect to the available networks and internet.

1.Two networks require accepting a Terms of Service prior to gaining access. How do I accept the TOS from the Debian 9.5 installer?

2. Another option is a wireless college network that requires a name and password. Again how do I pass what is needed through the Debian installer?

In the automated installation section of the manual it specifies an answer file with a pass phrase and doesn't give examples for accepting a terms of service or a network login id.

I would like to access the internet during the installation process because the infomation for setting up key authentication seems to be in a number of locations and not very clear. The package managers will not access the mirror repositories without the keys being set up. I presuming key setup is performed through the installer if there is internet access during the installation.

Thanks for your time and consideration.