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    Question scp help

    I am new to the command line but learning, I have 2 local pc running Antergo on both they both have open ssh install and enable.

    all my fines are on pc1 and this is the pc I'm using to do this
    I to want to scp my my Music folder to pc2.
    I have a ssh connection, I do the command scp -r /home/pc1/Music pc2@ipaddress:/home/pc2/Music/ it come back "No such file or directory" now by mistake I did
    scp -r /home/ Music pc2@ipaddress:/home/pc2/Music/ then it will copy but it seem to be copying the whole root folder and all the data,

    I also did scp -r Music pc2@ip: and got this

    Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/Music/.... so I lost what going on is it me or ssh?
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