Unsure why access time on a directory change isn't changing

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Thread: Unsure why access time on a directory change isn't changing

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    Unsure why access time on a directory isn't changing

    Hello... And thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me

    I was trying to work out the differences between displaying modify, access, and change times with the 'ls' command. Everything seems in order when I look at files, but the access time on a directory doesn't seem to change when I expect it too.

    I'm sure I must have the concept misunderstood with a directory... But when I 'cd' to a directory like 'Downloads' or do an 'ls' to view it's contents... And then look at it's last access time with 'ls -ldu' or 'stat'... It does not change

    It has changed when I wasn't paying attention and has a date/time from yesterday... I just don't understand what would caused it to change

    Can someone straighten me out here? THANKS!
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    Look at the output of the /proc/mounts for that particular filesystem. I would guess that it is using relatime versus strictatime which is the default.


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