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Thread: Gnome 3.0 / Kali -- Top Panel Block

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    Gnome 3.0 / Kali -- Top Panel Block

    Hi, new on the forum.
    I need help to customize the top panel; actually now it's kinda blocked.

    Tried in the official Kali Forum, it says that by pressing ALT + Window Button + Right Click it's possible to modify / erase / move the items on the top panel, but nothing seems to respond.
    Also the Tweak Tool has nothing to "unlock" the top panel.

    No configs are available on dconf, alacarte and the system settings provided bt default.
    Remember this is a extention for Gnome, it's called "Kali-X".

    Any ideas?


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    welcome aboard.. dont have solution for you

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    Did you find answer for your question?
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