I have an RPI that has three wlan interfaces wlan0, wlan1 & wlan2. Each interface is set to a referring channel.

My command is

PHP Code:
/usr/sbin/tcpdump  -----tt -i wlan0  type mgt  subtype probe-req 
I have been trying to run the capture on all three interfaces at the same time but seem to be struggling.

I have read that i can use "-i any" but i get an error saying

"tcpdump: any: That device doesn't support monitor mode"
I presume its referring to eth0 and lo interfaces.

I have also tried

PHP Code:
/usr/sbin/tcpdump  -----tt -i wlan0 type mgt  subtype probe-req & /usr/sbin/tcpdump  -----tt -i wlan1 type mgt  subtype probe-req & /usr/sbin/tcpdump  -----tt -i wlan2 type mgt  subtype probe-req 
But it pretty much kills the RPI and i get undervoltage errors plus no packets are captures on any interfaces.

Is there a way around this, the RPI boots up and runs the capture as a script.