I needed a portable Linux distro that would run inside Windows. A friend suggested
downloading Portable Ubuntu for Windows.

Here is the article:

It runs smoothly on my Windows Desktop, but I did not know this distro is old (2008). The
"Applications" menu has a simple Add/Remove option for any app included with this Ubuntu
package. I would like to install the latest Firefox for Linux (102.0.1). I realize all the supporting
file libraries in this old version of Ubuntu may not be compatible with the latest Firefox.

If installing the latest version of Firefox is possible, I need help with the procedure. If not,
maybe you can recommend another portable distro. I cannot use a distro that boots from a
USB flash drive. It must run inside Windows, like the package I downloaded.

My skills at the Windows command line are good, but I know nothing about Linux Terminal.
Please understand, I am not trying to learn everything about Ubuntu. All I need is a very basic
Linux distro with a functional browser, like Firefox.