Any good tips for getting windows games to run in Linux?

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Thread: Any good tips for getting windows games to run in Linux?

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    Cool Any good tips for getting windows games to run in Linux?

    Trying to use WINE or really anything to run Windows games/apps on my Linux Distro (Ubuntu) .

    Just wondering if anyone has any decent guides or tips that have worked for them?

    I've tried Wine but it's not the greatest, or at least not out of the box.xx

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    Same question.. follow.

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    you can also try looking into PlayOnLinux, a tool that simplifies the process of installing and running windows games on Linux using Wine. it often has pre-configured setups for many games. another option is using a virtual machine with Windows installed, but this can be resource-intensive and may not deliver the best gaming performance

    lastly, for more modern games, proton by Valve is great. it's a compatibility tool that's part of Steam and is built on top of Wine. many games on Steam now have official proton support, making things a lot smoother

    not every game will work perfectly, and you might need to tweak settings or search for specific instructions for each game. it's a bit trial and error, but with some effort, you can get many Windows games up and running on Linux

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    I feel your Linux gaming struggle. For Windows games on Ubuntu, Wine is a start, but it can be tricky. Check PlayOnLinux for easier setups. Proton from Steam is great, too, often with seamless integration. You can also play games from this money-making guide. Good luck!
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    If you want their games to work in Linux..

    If you want their games to work in Linux, then write them all, telling them straight up: "If you want us to buy your product make it so we can use it in Linux. We have lots of money to spend on good games, but we can't spend any of it on you because you don't have anything we can use.. Linux is 41% of the global market.. Windows is 29%.. You are losing out on 41% of the global market because your product doesn't work in Linux"... Should wake em up...

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