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Thread: A TIP to get a nice quiet simple basic Linux OS..

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    A TIP to get a nice quiet simple basic Linux OS..

    It took me decades to learn this.. It's a good quiet OS for creative writing and inventing...

    A TIP for those who are totally fed-up trying to find an honest computer operating system, and for those who are having one h of a time photo editing and filing pix in Linux OS's.. Cinnamon freezes with music and pix work, and most of the Linux OS's are just a pain in the goochie-fumerous to use.. They insult you, abuse you, bully you, stifle your work, are full of clutter, messes, noise, infantile useless attention stealing crap, poorly developed systems, unresolved issues and glitches.. Too many of the OS's out there have silly animated desktop clutter and garbage that crashes a creative writers roll.. They literally Kill creativity...
    I've tried them All, to the tune of thousands of wasted hours and hundreds of wasted DVD's..
    Then there was windows and macs.. God save us from hell!.. Running them was like walking barefoot over a fiery pit of broken glass, nails, rotted meat, and slippery doodoo.. Failing to adhere to their anarchistic rules to the tee, suddenly the OS has been killed by money-hungry demons.. You pay big dollars for their OS's, but you never own them nor your computer.. They always own your computer, and your wallet, and try to own you, as do their expensive necessary accessory add-ons.. Trying to make those OS's safe, secure, and non-toxic was absolutely impossible, is why I switched to Linux...

    I tried everything to get a good Linux OS.. I finally found a way to make a reasonably safe and secure Linux OS in today's insane money-sucking crime-saturated world, but it still isn't perfect, it isn't for gaming, nor for clicking on just any and every link in unscrupulous data-stealing money-stealing web-pages.. It's good for Google, Go QuackQuack, Doggypiles, Protonmail, YouTube, JustLinux, some blogs, (definitely not for the corrupt and bullying mint forums), good for all the upstanding websites, and is especially good for editing and filing: music, videos, pictures, documents, and for running Gimp, Audacity, Text, background music, videos, and slideshows, plus you can place all the desktop icons at the bottom panel and make it all tiny so you have a quiet clean non-intrusive peaceful fully customized desktop with only your choice of background pix...

    Get an ISO of Linux Mint Mate 20 (not the newer versions, mate not cinnamon, from an old source not microsoft related).. Install it without a Net connection.. Double encrypt it.. Find the first encryption option hidden in installation options in the first little box.. Dump thht Firefox by uninstalling it with Synaptic, in favor of installing LibreWolf Browser via Terminal.. Don't net-connect yet.. Not for a while till everything is done..

    In Synaptic completely uninstall the nasty spywares: Firefox, Rsync, Libre Office, Hexchat, Transmission, Bluetooth (careful to not uninstall network tools)..

    Add Bleachbit from a flash-drive..
    Install: 'bleachbit_4.4.2-0_all_ubuntu1804.deb'
    Do not upgrade Bleachbit ever.. Uncheck its update box Before the first net-connection..

    Block Updates 100%.. Put a piece of tape over the camera eye.. Block camera and mic in preferences..
    In 'Startup Aps' uncheck everything.. Do not click on the updates icon, nor on the add multimedia codec icon, nor on welcome screen, not ever.. Pretend they don't exist.. Block and drop welcome screen when it opens at first boot..

    Now net-connect.. Change Sources to a trusted university or wiki.. Reboot..
    Run Bleach bit double.. Do not update, nor upgrade, nor install multimedia codecs.. Just Never.. The OS works good, safe, and secure how it is for running a basic nice computer, and for basic web work.. uncheck everything in startup aps.. Some of the 500 new updates by microsoft's canonical are extremely intrusive, and nastier than strolling through a rural carcass dump in hot summer after a rainfall.. There aren't the words for it... The Worst experience in the world is that.. It's like 'visiting hell', same as running windows and apple is... I can't say enough bad about apple...

    Now change Mint's shell to 'zsh'..

    Now add LibreWolf Browser.. https://www.linuxcapable.com/install...-ubuntu-linux/
    Reboot.. Customize Librewolf..

    Add the programs you favor with Synaptic, but be sure you know that many of them are corrupt these days..
    If you want to know about a software, dogpile and google surf it by using the line 'X (software name) software is corrupt'.. If something is bad, good people will be talking about it, warning us about it...

    Note: this method of installing isn't for typical social media and gaming.. It's just a free quality private quiet safe personal computer that doesn't beat you up and rob you.. It takes about 40-minutes to install, 30-minutes to customize, and about 10 to 60 minutes to upload your files.. I leave the install CD in the slot for whenever something on the net corrupts the OS the tiniest bit.. So what if it takes an hour and a half.. Then I know it's clean...

    If the hard drive's existing corrupted OS won't allow a new install, I run it through a DBAN CD with 'Autonuke', and if it still won't install, I connect the troublesome hard drive to an dismantled old external hard drive's USB assembly connector, plug it into a working Linux computer's USB, and format the heck out of it.. This trick is useful for old windows and mac hd's that won't allow Linux to be installed... I use DBAN's autonuke to kill the front end for a few minutes, then it'll install...
    ***CAUTION! Do NOT have any external media connected to the USB slots when running DBAN Autonuke.. It will ERASE them when DBAN starts its run.. ByeBye Backup.. DBAN is Powerful, like 'using hand-grenades for deer hunting and fishing'..

    Buy a solid-state hard drive if you can afford it.. They are much faster than the 'antique horse & buggy steam-powered neanderthal' old hd's...

    Add your pix, videos, music, notes files via Flash Drive, CD, or external hard drive, Without a net-connection.. Never have an external media plugged in the USB slot while the machine is net-connected.. a hell-biased mother-dependent hacker could destroy your data backup faster than you could say 'help me mummy!'.....

    All Done... Push away from the computer, tell someone you love them, and go outside for some fresh air...

    CORRECTION: Now Librewolf won't install.. Mircosoft's Canonical's Synaptic is blocking the needed programs to install Librewolf.. You might need to keep the old Firefox.. It's crucial you don't update nor upgrade Firefox 71.. That would fill it up with hackers exploit holes and controls, then hackers could control your computer as if they had your keyboard and mouse on their desk... Been there, had it happen, not fun... The new Firefox is full of Crap, like 'someone turned a maggot infested cow turd into a browser'...

    CORRECTION-2: Now Librewolf installs via Terminal, but at the code 'install librewolf', it fails.. You need to drop Terminal, bring it back up, and try the install code a second time, then it works... Greedy hell-biased people don't want us to have safe secure OS's that they can't break into to make their precious destructive messes in... They need to feel they are in control of the world by stealing and destroying our personal private things.. It makes the aging dying silverback lame elitist entitled g'rillas believe they are super-humans just cuz they have some money and criminal control...

    Last week I tested a new ISO download of 'Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon' from a major source.. Sorry I did.. It was a bludy hacker's delight corrupt mess, like stirring a spinning overflowing plugged latrine.. All the Mint ISO's after 20 are a corrupt mess, redesigned to abuse, fight, and anger the user, to make people fear and hate Linux...
    I formatted the drive, and tossed the CD into the trash-pail... Seems the devil got into the Linux ISO downloads, and added some of its plugged potty's contents to the downloads, and to the updates... Immediately after Canonical changed ownership, suddenly within three weeks there were 50 corrupt new updates in updates manager.. When I saw that bit of evil thht, immediately I DBAN-formatted the hd, and installed the OS fresh, boycotting updates and updaters 100%... When I got Librewolf and PortMaster it was like 'shutting hell's doors from hell's demons touching my computer... Some inbred paranoids are saying Librewolf and PortMaster are trojans and spyware because avast sees them as trojans, but avast is the trojan and spyware... Hell is saying good is bad...
    I created a bank account with $50 always left in it, with the account details and passwords left in the computer's wallet files.. Nothing has touched that 50-bucks yet, means Librewolf and PortMaster are secure safe programs doing their jobs... The only way I buy on the Web is I get those temporary visa or master cards with as much as is needed for the transaction.. I never have any personal data in an OS that connects to the Internet... I don't trust the Internet in the slightest.. It's a global war run by organized crime.. I am shocked and amazed that people have their money data and private personal nudie pix stored in their internet computers and cellphones.. That's just dumb... Get a secondary computer for your private stuff, and make it so it can't net-connect..

    TIP: When composing in a forum's thread or in a message box, ALWAYS make a text backup copy saved on the desktop before clicking send, add, publish, or save changes...
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    Am I ever old school.. I feel so oldfashioned.. I just saw this list in the forum's 'Linux Today'..

    Latest Distributions

    Endless OS 5.1.1
    KDE neon 20240104
    MakuluLinux 2024-01-03
    IPFire 2.27 Core Update 182
    Arch Linux 2024.01.01
    Nitrux 3.2.1
    Emmabuntüs DE 5 1.01
    Manjaro Linux 23.1.2 Xfce
    Manjaro Linux 23.1.2 KDE Plasma
    Manjaro Linux 23.1.2 GNOME
    Bluestar Linux 6.6.8
    wattOS R13
    ArcoLinuxL 24.01.04
    ArcoLinuxD 24.01.04
    ArcoLinuxS 24.01.04
    OpenMediaVault 7.0-20
    GnoppixNG 23.12.15
    Nobara Project 39 KDE Plasma
    Nobara Project 39 GNOME
    openmamba GNU/Linux 20231226

    So now I'm downloading all of them, and will pull out the box of 100 spare hard drives, and give 'em all a test drive.. There might be one or two that are better than 'Linux Mint Mate 20'..?

    Seems this 'JustLinux Forum' is connected to the real world, to reality and to life as it is, not as crazy-world wishes it to be.. I sure lucked out when I stumbled upon this amazing JustLinux forum.. This forum is king of them all, essentially the only computer forum worth looking into... When word gets around, the others, the pampas-azz overly self-righteous bullies, carnivores, and monsters, will likely crash from lack of membership from their incessant bullying.. You can't be a human being in their forums.. Say anything that doesn't fit perfectly into their kookoo bible book of self-righteous religious rules, and they beat you up, but not here... JustLinux is for human beings.. Linux is for human beings.. Read the old Linux Philosophy if you can find it.. If you can, then post it here please...

    But now how do we heal the serious destructive damage microgreed did to Linux World in trying to destroy the competition for greed, Greed, and GREED..? As if someone like microgreed doesn't get enough money, it has to kill humanity's poor peoples free computer OS's to liquefy it to turn it into yum yum gagagoogoo cash in appeasing its out of control god-class greed in undermining and destroying humanity's poor by dismantling their way and quality of life. and living.. Seems hell's telephone company believes it owns humanity.. Feels like hell itself attacked humanity's poor, and is devouring us like 'how zombies and wild african dogs feed by ripping bloodied chunks out their victims while they're still alive, kicking, & screaming', progressively turning us into their precious highly valued poo... Too bad there isn't a pill for money-cancer.. HeY! maybe there is.. It's probably called 'cyanide'...

    Don't YouTube surf: 'wild african dogs eating their prey alive'.. You'll wish you hadn't... Everywhere has wild dogs now: Africa has them.. Australia has dingos.. North America has coyotes..
    There's a huge list of global wild dogs: African Golden Wolf (Canis anthus / Canis lupaster)
    African Wild Dog (African Hunting Dog / African Painted Dog) (Lycaon pictus)
    Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus)
    Bat-Eared Fox (Otocyon megalotis)
    Bengal Fox (Vulpes bengalensis)
    Black-Backed Jackal (Lupulella mesomelas)
    Blanford’s Fox (Vulpes cana)
    Bush Dog (Speothos venaticus)
    Cape Fox (Vulpes chama)
    Corsac Fox (Vulpes corsac)
    Coyote (Canis latrans)
    Crab-Eating Fox (Cerdocyon thous)
    Culpeo (Lycalopex culpaeus)
    Darwin’s Fox (Lycalopex fulvipes)
    Dhole (Cuon alpinus / Canis alpinus)
    Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis)
    Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda)
    Golden Jackal (Canis aureus)
    Grey Fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus)
    Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
    Hoary Fox (Lycalopex vetulus)
    Island Fox (Urocyon littoralis)
    Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis)
    Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)
    Pale Fox (Vulpes pallida)
    Pampas Fox (Lycalopex gymnocercus)
    Raccoon Dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)
    Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
    Rüppell’s Fox (Vulpes rueppelli)
    Sechuran Fox (Lycalopex sechurae)
    Short-Eared Dog (Atelocynus microtis)
    Side-Striped Jackal (Lupulella adustus)
    South American Gray Fox (Lycalopex griseus)
    Swift Fox (Vulpes velox)
    Tibetan Sand Fox (Vulpes ferrilata)

    After WW3, things will probably get real scary if the food runs out because of pollution...

    40-years ago I watched a small herd of wild city dogs attacking cows in a field, a couple miles from a big city in North America... They'll be a big problem.. Already they're attacking humans.. A wild dingo walked along a swimmers beach in Australia, and bit a sunbather's butt, figuring it would get a nice piece of azz just by biting into it, and tearing off a nice warm juicy chunk.. They have teeth like sharks do... Here in this central North American town I see coyotes carrying dead house cats in their mouths.. a couple every year... I'm sure they would take a child given the opportunity.. I'm glad I'm old, and will be leaving this world soon.. I don't want to see anymore of crazy-world.. I've seen and had enough.. I fear for the young and innocent...

    How are we gonna fix the damages done to Linux by out of control corporate greed..? They are blindly destroying humanity's foundation, us.. We are where they got their money from.. They have all our money now, and still they are non-stop feeding, like 'hyenas cracking bones for the marrow'.. They'll all crumble with us.. Humanity needs to dump Money, and switch to Barter, before Money has eaten all of us alive.. squirming, kicking, screaming, dying... Money turned on humanity, and is now spending us...

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    LibreWolf got a tiny bit corrupted..

    Seems the problem with LibreWolf Browser being a tiny bit corrupted by something on the web is easy to solve..
    This morning I clicked up LibreWolf, and it loaded the last tab I was using, which told me something wasn't right, so I saved bookmarks, and completely uninstalled LibreWolf with Synaptic, then ran Bleachbit double, rebooted, then ran Terminal "sudo apt install librewolf".. All done in ten-minutes.. A fresh clean browser.. The last install lasted a whole 4-days till it got infiltrated and corrupted a tiny bit by hell-world's desperate mother-dependent microgreed kookoo's.. Nice that all the LibreWolf settings remained intact.. Seems the best way to maintain LibreWolf clean is to have a user option that auto-uninstalls, reboots, and installs LibreWolf the first time it's used in the day, or every two or three days..
    I looked into 'about:config', and unchecked everything pocket, and updates.. Rebooted, and ran Bleachbit..

    LibreWolf is the best yet Firefox, but it seems the hungry hell-bound mother-dependent blackhatters can still mess in it a tiny bit...
    This Mint Mate 20 hasn't been compromised for a whole five days, oh yay.. It's Uh Meirakul!.. Maybe the blackhatters are too busy being nursed, burped, and having their diapers changed..?
    I hope their insane war doesn't go nuclear.. I sure don't want black sticky smelly radioactive people-dust falling on my fruit trees and food gardens in the snows and rains.. That wouldn't be fun.. Everything would taste like it came from a crematorium.. OoH YuK!.. Guess what humanity.. You're mostly crazy...

    Best thing wise people could do right now is to meditate, envisioning a book that's their personal book of life.....
    ..(WhooH! something extremely powerful in the black magic realms is at my head like a spinning little tornado.. That's a remote viewer wendego trying to feed.. I feel it like a hornet-sting on my head.. A powerful willpower dead evil person's cannibal-spirit.. Not a prob.. I reach a huge hand from the core of this universe, seize the maggot in a tight spirit fist, and take it in a flash to the next universe, plunge it into that universe through its skin, commanding "Eat This!", and the attacking spirit-cannibal and sting is thus gone..)

    Sorcery is heaven's magic.. It works only for good... Try to do bad with heaven's sorcery, it mutates into black magic, and turns on you, like how exploiting black magic always demands blood, soul , and life payment... I inversed the archetypal pentagram at its source.. Now it's dangerous to use by black magic goofs and pretend witches... LOL! I was at the computer one night, when I sensed a sudden jiggle in the matrix.. I saw two large lionesses approaching me calmly, with the intent to destroy me.. It was an African voodoo magician on a nasty mission.. I don't have any fears.. I manifested a gallon of creme and a bowl.. Filled the bowl in front of the pretty kitty cats, and offered it to them.. While they were feeding, with my sword I severed the umbilicals from them to the voodoo master.. then gave my new kitty cat pets a warm hug... Now I have these two large spirit-realm kitty cats that I don't know what to do with... Sometimes I find them sleeping beside the bed... Two more happened a couple years ago.. Now I have two spirit-realm lionesses, a tiger, and a sleek black panther.. Three voodoo masters have lost their pretty kitty cats, their spirit-points, and their right and access to the afterlife... While I was reconditioning the black panther with the bowl of creme, soft touch, and cutting its umbilical cord, it became a little grumpy and ornery, is when, to my surprise, tiger raised a huge massive paw, and smacked its face hard, knocking it onto its side...

    I was saying before that hungry wendego cannibal pest attacked: "Best thing people could do right now is to meditate, envisioning a book that's 'your personal book of life'.. Have it resting on your lap at 1:AM.. Half the book is full pages of your life's past, present, and now.. The other half of the book is blank pages.. In the meditation vision, open to the first blank page, and begin rewriting your life as you want it to be.. Don't make it silly because essentially it's you piloting and directing your spirit for real.. It's you writing your own future... Fill it up with truth, love, and prosperity...
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    I still can't make this Linux OS safe and secure on the Net..

    I suppose I'll have to live with the fact that I must reinstall the OS every five days to clean out the nasty stuff those who fear and hate me instill into this little netbook's OS to bully me to try to silence the truth they fear.. And they've got good reason to hate me, because I've proved to them that their whole philosophy of life and living is a delusion, a farce, a hell-biased evil criminal scam.. Truth is too much for them to handle.. They must defend their lies...

    This latest OS install lasted only three days, and I had to reinstall the OS yet again two hours ago.. Not a big problem as it took only exactly one hour to install, fully customize, and add Bleachbit..
    This time I ran Synaptic to immediately completely uninstall: Rsync, Transmission, Firefox, Hexchat, and Bluetooth.. Don't uninstall Bluetooth tools.. That would require a corrupted update...

    I posted something to the world's majors that totally shatters and destroys their global asylum's delusion, like I nuked them with words, the Big truth that's been hidden from humanity for millennia, being the reason for all the wars, and the war on truth and science...


    A few items I failed to mention in this install of Linux Mint 20..

    It's crucial you do not click on Firefox.. Completely uninstall it after first boot with Synaptic.. Add LibreWolf without adding the 500 updates.. Add the 'suppository' and keys, then update to add what LibreWolf needs to install, but don't let it install those 500 update demons...

    If you need the letters size to be larger in Text Editor, in Editor unclick 'use system fixed', click 'Monospace 12, and resize letters in Size at bottom.. oh yay...

    In the bottom panel, uncheck 'lock to panel' on everything, especially the invisible 'tabs bar', and move tabs bar to the right of the icons about a quarter inch for desktop tabs to show..

    This time I won't change the shell.. and test that out again...

    In LibreWolf Settings do so look at everything in LibreWolf..
    It's strange that LibreWolf doesn't install with 'uBlock' any more.. Maybe they found something bad in it..? but I'm still using it.. It's the only one that works.. There's no such thing as privacy in today's world.. The nazi-elitists plugged latrine does so own us, and it seems impossible to flush them out of our lives, at the moment.. I'm working on it.. Ain't easy.. It feels like I'm solo fighting the war between good and evil... They've tried 70-times to assassinate me... I just want Good to prevail, but I don't want to be a dead martyr over it.. I watch my back 24/7.. I'm getting good at dodging bullets.. Some have missed me by just inches, but a miss is a miss...
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    Wow. Seek help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilsonTT View Post
    Wow. Seek help.
    I am trying to stop crazy people from destroying humanity's precious Linux, our free computer operating systems for the poor peoples phones and computers... Someone wants to steal it and cash it in... Hell-biased greedy people are meticulously killing our Linux... They don't have that right... Linux is humanity's 'diamond'...

    I am authoring a new university course 'Blue Base Eternity, The Philosophy of Psychiatry'.. Your world is my laboratory.. You need help...
    Actually your post was for you mr. wilsontt.. Look in the mirror sir.. You don't know everything... You know some of what you managed to learn from the educational system, what little they could offer.. They offer about .000001% of the knowledge that is inside of us in our nephilim spirits in our creators science encyclopedia inside the nephilims akashic records, found inside our hereditary alien nephilim spirits... I have it to delete a university's curriculum, and replace it all with ultra modern curriculum.. Your species couldn't handle it.. You Can't Handle The Truth!..

    But I am seeking help from this species sir, but not in the ways you are and need so desperately...

    I found what we were intended to become, all of it.. We are the aliens.. We were created by the alien nephilims to be their prodigy, their children, the masters of their/our universe.. They created us here in this tiny solar system so we would develop tiny, so we wouldn't go extinct like they did from starvation.. They were the size of earth's mountains... The nephilims gave us all their knowledge, their 1000 deserted developed planets, their universe, their four spirit-home 'heavens'.. We own it all.. To realize it, all each of us needs to do is solve the akashic records with our brains, minds, spirits, our creators sciences encyclopedia... It took me 24-years one hour per day consecutive to solve the akashic records start to finish.. The akashic records is where Mr. Tesla acquired all of his new sciences... Solving it made me 'nephilim ascendant'... I see all the science in this universe...
    I have it to build the liquid light engines to get humanity safely onto our 1000 nephilim planets, and to our four nephilim spirit-home heavens, but humanity fears it, and fights against it.. They prefer their silly dogma delusion over reality.. They need help, but they can't be helped.. They've lost their nephilim spirits.. They've devolved into their primary bonobo component, and now they are suiciding their own species with pollution, hate, evil, and war.. In ten years humanity is 100% extinct, but I can fix it, but they don't want it fixed...

    I offered your species its whole future, but your species stopped me cold in defending your silly terrorist organization cults...
    You bullies had your fun bullying the messiah, your nephilim savior, humanity's greatest scientist..
    You attacked my life..
    You poisoned my body..
    You irradiated my blood and brain..
    You poured poison onto my food garden..
    You tossed dead animals and garbage onto my food garden..
    You stole my car jack, small extension ladder, compressor, and fine tools..
    You vandalized and wrecked my little old truck..
    You destroyed my five first computers..
    You destroyed my lady's SUV van, nearly killing her, causing her whiplash damage..
    You tried five times to ram my truck at street intersections..
    You punctured my truck's new tires sidewalls..
    You put water in the gastank a week before xmas two years in a row..
    You've done something to the truck's electrical so it won't start now..
    You put oil in the truck's brake-fluid..
    You tamper with my postal mail, my internet, and my telephone connection..
    You poisoned my lawn, trees, and hedges five times..
    You made tire mud-ruts in my front lawn..
    You murdered my mother with poison..
    You stole my mother's family heirlooms..
    You drilled a large hole in my roof to cause water damage in my house..
    You tossed rotted meat and spent tampax on the garden, yard, and roof..
    You tossed garbage onto my front lawn many times..
    You tossed dead rats and broken glass onto the driveway..
    You placed poop on my doorsteps..

    Did it give you crazy cristinsane bullies tremendous almighty erections to do so much evil to humanity's greatest scientist and savior..? Did it give you great throbbing orgasms and puffed-up inflated egos..? Did it make you violent anunnaki-possessed alien-monkeys feel like human-beings..?

    Now that you've had your insane fun, You Must compensate for the evils you did before I will help your species survive its impending disasters...
    Before I will establish a surrogate spirit-home heaven for your species you will replace my little truck which you damaged..
    You will replace my lady's van which you destroyed..
    You will replace the five destroyed computers..
    You will provide a new house for us in a neighbourhood free of your kind away from this insane neighbourhood infested with your kind..
    You will build a clean poison-free food garden there..
    You will add the same fruit trees as I have here..
    You will tree the new property..
    You will build the same types of sheds on that property..
    You will not interrupt nor snoop in my snail mail, internet, nor phones anymore..
    You will return my pistols which you stole, with a glock 9mm, and a remmington 22 target pistol with a laser-scope sited at 300 meters..
    You will replace my ammunition which you stole..
    You will replace my antique coey rifle..
    You will replace my bear sprays which you stole..
    You will replace my gold nuggets, torch lighter, and hunting knife, which you stole..
    You will replace the fine tools, the air compressor, and the floor jack, which you stole..
    You will replace my heart muscle, which you damaged with your deadly poisons, parasites, biotoxic food, and evil bullying..
    You will provide $compensation for the daily torturing you did to me daily for 15-years..
    You will allow me to have your ringing torture device medically removed from my ear canal..
    You will replace my four lost molar teeth with implants, which your poisons destroyed..
    You will cease trying to poison and murder me..
    You will cease terrorizing me..
    You will establish a supreme-court order that bans your kind from being near my life..

    If you fail to do that little bit of stuff, all 8-billion of you will die in hell, rot in hell, end in hell.. None of you will realize a heaven.. None of your spirits will leave this ball of rock.. Your whole species will go extinct in your insane hell because of you bullies.. The end of you, your karma for the evil you insane evil demonic hell-biased humans did to my life...

    If you fulfill your compensatory requirements in compensating for the damage you did to my life, I will recall nibiru, earth-2, to rescue your species from this dying falling-apart nephilim earth meteorite... I will redirect the incoming 55-mile diameter, 200,000mph alien planet-destroyer moon-bullet to miss the earth in just under four years.. I will build the liquid light engines you need for your species to safely exodus onto the earth-2 tropical planet.. You will have two moons and two suns, a small emergency sun for when this large sun flickers off for six weeks in ten years like it did a few million years ago.. I will erase disease from your species.. I will build a surrogate heaven for your species freed spirits... I will establish your species immortality physically and spiritually...

    Your ball..
    Live or die, make a decision..

    I am trying to stop crazy people from destroying humanity's precious Linux, our free computer operating systems for the poor peoples phones and computers... Someone wants to steal it and cash it in... Hell-biased greedy people are meticulously killing our Linux... They don't have that right... Linux is humanity's 'diamond'...

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    How to install Librewolf in Linux.. It took a very long time for terminal downloading and installing lots of files, but in the end Librewolf actually works.. Plus Librewolf installed with Ublock in it.. It feels like 'a great plugged toilet has thus finally been flushed'...

    This'll pull the greater than thou delusional pretend nazi entitled elitist godlys down to the ground with a big 'Splat!', and might even wake up the tyrants into mirroring themselves, into starting to try to become humans.. In the long run it might even stop the wars, the mass greed, and the mass global insanity, and it might be what stops the destruction of Humanity's Linux Diamond, which is what I am trying to do, because I love Linux, as do many of you...
    Humanity needs to be slammed and nuked with some massive undeniable truth and reality to pull the kooks, snoots, pretend gods, entitleds, and nazi-elitists heads out of their hell-biased mass-delusional illusion institutional fantasy cloud, with an almighty kick to the special ugly dangly things place, then they might cease killing our Linux our world and us...

    Tell them to take a lice comb, and run it along their arms and legs and through their scalp, then study it under a pocket microscope".. Those 1000's of little yellow round things are lice eggs.. Most of humanity is infested with those gosh awful chimpanzee body lice...
    Now there's some itchy reality the elitists can't simply just run away from and hide from, which prayers and denial can't and won't alleviate their incessant itches.. Some reality that they must face head-on is their crawly itchy blood-sucking skin bugs.. Thus the lice comb saves humanity from its mass insanity, and hopefully saves Linux from total destruction by the itchy scratching entitled elitist money-greeds.. Something has to wake the itchy elitist greeds up to some reality, truth, honesty and respect.. That might be it... Do you feel itchy now..?

    Finally something works to install Librewolf in Linux..
    It took some time for terminal downloading and installing files, and in the end Librewolf finally works.. Suddenly there's a Librewolf Browser in the internet programs, and Synaptic erased that horrid overly corrupt Firefox demon... I'm gonna do this to these 20 old hard drives all day tomorrow, so I'll have them ready for when the psychotic bully kooks wreck the netbook's OS...

    I tried to make a CD of 'AlmaLinux-9'.. At the end of Brasero's buring an ISO it popped up 'Process Failed', so into the trash went the CD.. Not a problem, I'll move the ISO download to the desktop, and try burning another CD.. I've still got about 500 DVD's which I acquired from garage sales these past two years for about 5-bucks total, and I'll probably acquire another 500 this spring and summer...
    My brother just found another 1-tera notebook hd and two 8-gig ram chips in a scrapped notebook last week.. I just turned it into an external hard drive backup..
    I never ever look into a stranger's files on an old hard drive.. TIP: Never ever snoop in someone else's old hard drive.. If you do you'll be sorry you did.. It's none of your business.. I definitely do Not want any of that person's private life in my memory system, same with instantly resetting retired hand me down phones.. The hard drive got attached to the USB connector, then to the computer's USB, and I formatted the hard drive three times.. It's clean.. All the doodoo that was in it is gone.. Life is too precious to fill your head up with someone else's messes and thht.. Your head isn't a stranger's potty.. If you've ever snooped in someone else's hard drive, try to erase those thht memories.. You can't.. It's like you're saving someones poo in your head.. Ooo YuK!..

    The second try at burning the 'AlmaLinux-9' ISO install CD worked.. Now lets see what this new OS is all about.. I do so enjoy exploring new OS's...
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    Since installing Portmaster the hacking has stopped, but maybe they've begun to discover reality, and they don't know what to do about their itchy skin lice, nor how to grasp and fit into reality..? Maybe they are having a seriously difficult time dealing with their pathetic dead-end reality..? Those killing Linux are essentially suiciding, but they don't know it yet...

    If you installed Docker, remove it.. Librewolf installs on its own now..

    As I'm studying these four links, it seems microgreed and hell-world didn't really get the Core of Linux, just the obsolete garbage, the cruft, the bait, the stuff floating in the collective flushing latrine, that there's a deeper esoteric Linux that the cocaino-head hell-apes can't touch.. Maybe only what's being destroyed by hell-world is the lessor Linux, the poopoo, the snot, the soiled tissue, the scab collections..? There's deeper stuff the average user and microgreed hasn't got a clue about, and isn't using, nor abusing..?

    Everyone who has troubles with Linux should check-out these links..
    Hey! If you screw up, you can always reinstall the old ISO in an hour and a bit.. Your install probably needs a refresh anyway.. Maybe refresh it before installing Librewolf, would be a good plan.. That way you've flushed out the old Firefox toilet...

    There's a lot to learn in these links.. Seems maybe they are Linux's steel backbone...




    (If portmaster page doesn't open, temporarily disable all the Firefox add-ons)

    I've mentioned 'the akashic records', where Mr. Tesla acquired all his new sciences, and where I found all the sciences humanity needs to beat its hell and extinction... There's a young nobody sciencey guy in Nigeria who has obviously tapped the akashic records.. He never went to school, yet he invented a revolutionary new electricity power supply just by doing it without knowing what he was doing, same like how I 'calmed the waves'...
    He's probably one of my species, a nephilim human.. I'm meeting them here there and everywhere...
    We have the akashic records inside of us.. all of us.. Each one of us has all the science in the universe inside us, but we believe what we've been conditioned to believe and be... The anunnaki invaders want us to be dumb and numb and malleable...

    This link is how the nephilims akashic records works.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmbbgz-t1bA

    Hey! Only two murder attempts on my life this month.. They can't kill an ascendant, not even with a nuke..
    Maybe they're slowing down, or running out of ideas to try, or mechanics, or their nazi-controllers are beginning to grasp that their religious cult really is evil and a dead-end, and their money ain't worth soiled toilet paper..?
    Maybe I've begun to stop them thar hell-devils from killing Linux by forcing them to see some of their undeniable, inescapable actual itchy truth and reality by my peeing on their delusional elitist cloud...
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    PortMaster makes Linux safe and secure..

    If your Linux OS is being hacked, infiltrated, corrupted, by mindless loveless soulless hell-biased SS-gestapo moron bullies, hackers, scammers, do so install Mint and Portmaster.. Don't update nor upgrade anything what so ever.. That's how you would invite-in the modernized intruders... Finally a clean quiet honest secure netbook Linux OS that actually works, that the baddies can't penetrate...
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    I might have slowed down what's damaging Linux.. Time will tell...

    LOL, All the shower brushes and lice meds are suddenly almost sold out in this town.. The lice infested g'rilla lizards monitoring my internet are desperate to delouse themselves.. They are scratching themselves raw.. Seems they just discovered they have an itchy crawly problem, and are covered with millions of those tiny yellow lice eggs.. Soon all the stores coast to coast will be sold out of those items.. They can't get rid of their itchy lice, but they sure can try...
    One of them who is a little bit psychic telepathed to me 'Mr. xxxxx, HaHa I got rid of all my itches three months ago'.. I telepathed back: 'You did Not get rid of your itchy skin bugs three months ago, you only numbed out the itches with your cocaine, booze, and prescription anesthetics.. You are essentially running bs denial, you are still bug infested itchy crawly as hell, check out the lice comb under a pocket microscope.. Take a bright flashlight, shine it across the floors, and under the washing machine, drier, stove, fridge, couch, bed, wall corners.. Those places in your bug infested zoo abode are heavily infested with itchy lice and mites.. Your bed mattress, couch, vehicle seats, clothing, towels, blankets, jackets, sweaters, friends, are all infested with itchy lice and their eggs... You need to boil all your clothing, blankets, towels, curtains, mats.. Mattress covers might help a bit.. Try prayers to your pretend gods, maybe that'll help..? Maybe dip yourselves in bug killer.. Don't be shy, Get Dipped!..
    Heck! Dip the whole dern family..

    Seems humanity needs 'dipping spas'.. Someone could make a fortune with it...

    Suddenly all the stores are sold out of shower brushes and lice medications.. Woke 'em up to some itchy reality I did.. LOL!..

    When the apes who are killing Linux realize they are lice infested, maybe they'll stop attacking Linux.. I bet they are all scratching at their elitist itch bugs a lot more now... You bug-infested entitled elitist snoots aren't any different from poor humanity.. You are all still crawling with itchy bugs like all the animals are... Get a lice comb and microscope to see the truth..
    Linux is our possession, our treasure, our diamond.. STOP killing our Linux.. You don't have that right!.. Leave our planet please.. Crawl back into your hell.. Go ByeBye.. Be Gone demons!.. Go into your precious money stash, and eat as much money as you can, till you are so full that just another penny would make you burst, then eat another penny..
    Just in case you didn't know it, You do Not own humanity! You do Not own our Linux! We are Not your meal!.. We are all in the same noah-boat.. You money-sucking cannibal anarchist elitist snoots are sinking our boat... You'll all itch, scratch, starve, and drown with us.. You are destroying your species, your foundation, us.. You are 'the snake eating its own tail'.. WAKE UP!..
    You help and nurture humanity.. You do Not weaken and destroy it!.. Give some back to humanity!.. Dinner is over bish...

    OoH! Is your nose itchy inside..? Are there lice eggs in there too..? Pull a hair and look at it under the microscope..
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