A TIP to get a nice quiet simple basic Linux OS..

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    A TIP to get a nice quiet simple basic Linux OS..

    It took me decades to learn this.. It's a good quiet OS for creative writing and inventing...

    A TIP for those who are totally fed-up trying to find an honest computer operating system, and for those who are having one h of a time photo editing and filing pix in Linux OS's.. Cinnamon freezes with music and pix work, and most of the Linux OS's are just a pain in the goochie-fumerous to use.. They insult you, abuse you, bully you, stifle your work, are full of clutter, messes, noise, infantile useless attention stealing crap, poorly developed systems, unresolved issues and glitches... Too many of the OS's out there have silly desktop clutter and garbage that crashes a creative writers roll.. They literally kill creativity...
    I've tried them All, to the tune of thousands of wasted hours and hundreds of wasted CD's..
    Then there was windows and macs.. Running them was like walking barefoot over a fiery pit of broken glass, nails, and slippery doodoo.. Failing to adhere to their anarchistic rules to the tee, suddenly the OS has been killed by money-hungry demons... You pay big dollars for their OS's, but you never own them nor your computer.. They always own your computer, and your wallet, and try to own you, as do their expensive necessary accessory add-ons.. Trying to make those OS's safe and secure and non-toxic was absolutely impossible, is why I switched to Linux...

    I tried everything to get a good Linux OS.. I finally found a way to make a reasonably safe and secure Linux OS in today's insane money-sucking crime-saturated world, but it still isn't perfect, it isn't for gaming, nor for clicking on any and every link in unscrupulous data-stealing money-stealing web-pages.. It's good for Google, Go QuackQuack, Dogpiles, Protonmail, YouTube, JustLinux, some blogs, (definitely not for the corrupt and bullying mint forums), good for all the upstanding websites, and is especially good for editing and filing: music, videos, pictures, documents, and for running Gimp, Audacity, Text, background music, videos, and slideshows, plus you can place all the desktop icons at the bottom panel and make it all tiny so you have a quiet clean non-intrusive peaceful fully customized desktop with only your choice of background pix...

    Get an ISO of Linux Mint Mate 20 (not the newer versions, mate not cinnamon, from an old source not microsoft related).. Install it Without a Net connection.. Double encrypt it.. Find the first encryption option hidden in installation options in a little box.. Dump thht Firefox by uninstalling it with Synaptic, in favor of installing LibreWolf Browser via Terminal.. Don't net-connect yet.. Not for a while till everything is done..

    In Synaptic completely uninstall the nasty spywares: Firefox, Rsync, Libre Office, Hexchat, Transmission, Bluetooth (careful to not uninstall network tools)..

    Add Bleachbit from a flash-drive..
    Install: 'bleachbit_4.4.2-0_all_ubuntu1804.deb'
    Do not upgrade Bleachbit ever.. Uncheck its update box..

    Block Updates 100%.. Put a piece of tape over the camera eye.. Block camera and mic in preferences..
    In 'Startup Aps' uncheck everything.. Do not click on the updates icon, nor on the add multimedia codec icon, nor click on welcome screen, not ever.. Pretend they don't exist.. Block and drop welcome screen when it opens at first boot..

    Now net-connect.. Change Sources to a trusted university or wiki.. Reboot..
    Run Bleach bit double.. Do not update, nor upgrade, nor install multimedia codecs.. Just Never.. The OS works good, safe, and secure how it is, for running a basic nice computer, and for basic web work.. uncheck everything in startup aps.. Some of the 500 new updates by microsoft's canonical are extremely intrusive, and nastier than strolling through a rural carcass dump in hot summer after a rainfall.. There aren't the words for it... The Worst experience in the world is that.. It's like 'visiting hell', same as running windows is....

    Now change Mint's shell to 'zsh'..

    Now add LibreWolf Browser.. https://www.linuxcapable.com/install...-ubuntu-linux/

    Add the programs you favor with Synaptic, but be sure you know that they are all corrupt these days..

    Note: this method of installing isn't for typical social media and gaming.. It's just a quality private quiet personal computer that doesn't beat you up and rob you.. It takes about 40-minutes to install, 30-minutes to customize, and about 20 to 60 minutes to upload your files.. I leave the install CD in the slot for whenever something on the net corrupts the OS a tiny bit..
    If the hard drive's existing corrupted OS won't allow a new install, I run it through a DBAN CD with 'autonuke', and if it still won't install, I connect the troublesome hard drive to an old external hard drive's USB assembly connector, plug it into a working Linux computer's USB, and format the heck out of it.. This trick is useful for old windows hd's that won't allow Linux to be installed... I use DBAN's autonuke to kill the front end for a few minutes, then it'll install...

    Buy a solid-state hard drive if you can afford it.. They are much faster than the 'antique horse & buggy steam-powered neanderthal' old hd's...

    Add your pix, videos, music, notes files via Flash Drive, CD, or external hard drive, without a net-connection.. Never have an external media plugged in the USB slot while the machine is net-connected.. a hell-biased mother-dependent hacker could destroy your data backup...

    All Done... Push away from the computer, tell someone you love them, and go outside for some fresh air...

    CORRECTION: Now Librewolf won't install.. Mircosoft's Canonical's Synaptic is blocking the needed programs to install Librewolf.. You might need to keep the old Firefox.. It's crucial you don't update nor upgrade Firefox 71.. That would fill it up with hackers exploit holes...

    CORRECTION-2: Now Librewolf installs via Terminal, but at the code 'install librewolf', it fails.. You need to drop Terminal, bring it back up, and try the install code a second time, then it works... Greedy hell-biased people don't want us to have safe secure OS's that they can't break into to make their precious destructive messes in... They need to feel they are in control of the world by destroying our personal private things.. It makes the aging dying silverback lame elitist entitled g'rillas believe they are super-humans...

    Last week I tested a new ISO download of Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon from a major source.. Sorry I did.. It was a bludy hacker's delight corrupt mess..
    I formatted the drive, and tossed the CD into the trash-pail... Seems the devil got into the Linux ISO downloads, and added some of his plugged potty's contents to the downloads...
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