I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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Thread: I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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    I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

    I found a little glitch anomaly in Protonmail's desktop login page.. Now Proton's log-in page loads and logs-in a lot slower.. Something evil has attached to the IP and log-in page to infiltrate the Protonmail account.. Sometimes it shows as a doubled network icon in the panel tools when the hack is hardened.. Seems that part of Proton isn't protected as well as it needs to be.. There's where the bully-hackers are getting in, through the browser and into the Protonmail log-in front page.. That's probably the base and source to many complaints Protonmail and other email providers are receiving and struggling with.. Seems the log-in page needs its own little firewall.. Seems I need to reinstall the OS clean again, but first thing I'll try is to completely uninstall LibreWolf, and reinstall it, before reinstalling the whole OS...

    Would be nice if LibreWolf had a feature that would 100% uninstall itself, then reinstall itself at the click of a mouse, to clean out the hacker crap.. Seems LibreWolf needs a little firewall that protects log-in pages from the infantile mother-dependent hacker demons... Seems there needs to be a browsers internal firewall, something that catches incoming outside evil crap, and instantly quarantines it while its dismantling it, like how in the war surface to air defense missiles track and blow up incoming ordinance.. We need a different kind of firewall, one that blows-up the incoming hack on approach.. One that recognizes all the feature of all the types of hack attempts, and deals with them in real time by dismantling and quarantining their front ends on approach...

    OK.. So the first thing I'm gonna try is uninstall LibreWolf, then run Bleachbit hard and double, then refresh Sources, then reinstall LibreWolf, and test it out..
    I very much don't like Clam.. It messes up the OS, and slows everything down.. Installing Clam is like inviting a toilet full of crap into the OS...

    Before LibreWolf I had to reinstall the whole OS to clean out the thht, because I couldn't install the corrupt new Firefox, as that would only make everything worse... LibreWolf is essentially the flagship of a new generation of browsers... Yay LibreWolf...
    We've had Enough! of microgreed's incessant bullying!.. Linux is fighting back against microgreed's war...
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