I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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Thread: I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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    I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

    I found a little glitch anomaly in Protonmail's desktop login page.. Now Proton's log-in page loads and logs-in a lot slower.. Something evil has attached to the IP and log-in page to infiltrate the Protonmail account.. Sometimes it shows as a doubled network icon in the panel tools when the hack is hardened.. Seems that part of Proton isn't protected as well as it needs to be.. There's where the bully-hackers are getting in, through the browser and into the Protonmail log-in front page.. That's probably the base and source to many complaints Protonmail and other email providers are receiving and struggling with.. Seems the log-in page needs its own little firewall.. Seems I need to reinstall the OS clean again, but first thing I'll try is to completely uninstall LibreWolf, and reinstall it, before reinstalling the whole OS...

    Would be nice if LibreWolf had a feature that would 100% uninstall itself, then reinstall itself at the click of a mouse, to clean out the hacker crap.. Seems LibreWolf needs a little firewall that protects log-in pages from the infantile mother-dependent hacker demons... Seems there needs to be a browsers internal firewall, something that catches incoming outside evil crap, and instantly quarantines it while its dismantling it, like how in the war surface to air defense missiles track and blow up incoming ordinance.. We need a different kind of firewall, one that blows-up the incoming hack on approach.. One that recognizes all the feature of all the types of hack attempts, and deals with them in real time by dismantling and quarantining their front ends on approach...

    OK.. So the first thing I'm gonna try is uninstall LibreWolf, then run Bleachbit hard and double, then refresh Sources, then reinstall LibreWolf, and test it out..
    I very much don't like Clam.. It messes up the OS, and slows everything down.. Installing Clam is like inviting a toilet full of crap into the OS...

    Before LibreWolf I had to reinstall the whole OS to clean out the thht, because I couldn't install the corrupt new Firefox, as that would only make everything worse... LibreWolf is essentially the flagship of a new generation of browsers... Yay LibreWolf...
    We've had Enough! of microgreed's incessant bullying!.. Linux is fighting back against microgreed's war...
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    I still can't estblish a safe strong clean netbook OS.. There's a war against Linux..

    After all that and this trying to establish a strong safe secure netbook's Linux OS and Browser, I still must reinstall this poor little net notebook's OS every five days to clean out the crap, because of the insane intrusions and corruptions from hell-world's desperate infantile elitist bullies who are demanding to be taught what their mummies, daddies, and schools failed to teach them, because they couldn't teach them, because they can't be taught, because learning truth and reality challenges and offends their narcissistic dead-ended lies...

    I hope this powerful note is acceptable here.. If it isn't, please tell me to delete it from here, and I will so in a 'new york second', without needing to punish me for disclosing too much of humanity's negative truth.. It's only the actual real truth.. I wrote it from my pure spirit's connections to what is, and even I can't handle it.. I don't expect anyone else to be able to grasp and handle it, but maybe a few super geniuses will understand some of it.. It goes way way over the top, beyond basic comprehension... Take in a big breath, and try to read it.. Truth Stings all which is untruth... This is Linux and Humanity fighting back... I wager Mr. Linus would understand.. Linux is his 'baby'...

    What is the wars..?
    What is the war against Linux..
    What is killing our precious Linux..
    What is the opposite of the Linux Philosophy..?
    What is the opposite of Love, Truth, and Life..?

    Religion's Wars against humanity, and the 'War on Science truth, love, and reality is that hell will stop terrorizing, torturing, hurting, murdering the living, us, if we teach those in hell that it is hell, that they are hell... Those in hell aren't worth the effort.. Plus they would fight us at very step with every insanity they are till we have proved to them that they are hell, in hell... It isn't worth the effort.. They aren't worth the effort.. They are death in motion plummeting to its end, not life.. They don't have any value to Life, to Love, to Heaven, to God.. They are already dead inside.. They would destroy everything Life, Love, Heaven, Jesus, and God to remain dead in hell.. They would murder all life to remain in hell in defending their hell and their global asylum's mass insanity... Their war against God, Humanity, and Heaven is them sharing all their hellish demonic misgivings all simultaneously with their all, daring us to even try to force them to see truth, essentially begging us to dare to try to change their full stinking diaper, daring us to fight them to the death to force teach them how to realize Heaven, God, Jesus, Life, and Love.. Essentially their MO is that they will stop hating and hurting us if we teach them love, but they fight against love with all they've got... They are the Dead in their war against Life and Truth.. The Dead fear Life more than the Living fear death, being the core of Death's war against the Living... It was the cocaino-poison.. Cocaino melted their brains, minds, spirits, and souls, devolving and mutating them into dead inside zombie devils of hell.. Their war is hell-zombies devouring Life, believing if they destroy and eat those of heaven that they will have heaven, is why they are devolving themselves and humanity into cannibals like them... They believe if they pull humanity and heaven into their hell that they will own and have heaven... That's the arab's, putin's, xi's, kim's, christianity's, democracy's, rome's, the nazi's, the anunnaki's, and hell's war against Truth, Love, Life, God, Heaven, and Reality... In short, they are the sheit claiming to be god, the sheit commanding and demanding life and heaven, 'not wanting to be flushed any more', sheit not wanting to be treated like sheit...

    That's the War on Linux.. That's what's behind what's attacking and meticulously destroying and killing our precious Linux, and stifling and bullying us Linux users.. Now We Are Fighting Back!.. I Am Fighting Back Against Their War!, defending Linux from hell as best I can.. I Love Linux.. They have no right to kill what I love!..
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