I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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Thread: I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

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    I found where hackers were getting into word processors and email account compose..

    I found a little glitch anomaly in Protonmail's desktop login page.. Now Proton's log-in page loads and logs-in a lot slower.. Something evil has attached to the IP and log-in page to infiltrate the Protonmail account.. Sometimes it shows as a doubled network icon in the panel tools when the hack is hardened.. Seems that part of Proton isn't protected as well as it needs to be.. There's where the bully-hackers are getting in, through the browser and into the Protonmail log-in front page.. That's probably the base and source to many complaints Protonmail and other email providers are receiving and struggling with.. Seems the log-in page needs its own little firewall.. Seems I need to reinstall the OS clean again, but first thing I'll try is to completely uninstall LibreWolf, and reinstall it, before reinstalling the whole OS...

    Would be nice if LibreWolf had a feature that would 100% uninstall itself, then reinstall itself at the click of a mouse, to clean out the hacker crap.. Seems LibreWolf needs a little firewall that protects log-in pages from the infantile mother-dependent hacker demons... Seems there needs to be a browsers internal firewall, something that catches incoming outside evil crap, and instantly quarantines it while its dismantling it, like how in the war surface to air defense missiles track and blow up incoming ordinance.. We need a different kind of firewall, one that blows-up the incoming hack on approach.. One that recognizes all the feature of all the types of hack attempts, and deals with them in real time by dismantling and quarantining their front ends on approach...

    OK.. So the first thing I'm gonna try is uninstall LibreWolf, then run Bleachbit hard and double, then refresh Sources, then reinstall LibreWolf, and test it out..
    I very much don't like Clam.. It messes up the OS, and slows everything down.. Installing Clam is like inviting a toilet full of crap into the OS...

    Before LibreWolf I had to reinstall the whole OS to clean out the thht, because I couldn't install the corrupt new Firefox, as that would only make everything worse... LibreWolf is essentially the flagship of a new generation of browsers... Yay LibreWolf...
    We've had Enough! of microgreed's incessant bullying!.. Linux is fighting back against microgreed's war...
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    I still can't estblish a safe strong clean netbook OS.. There's a war against Linux..

    After all that and this trying to establish a strong safe secure netbook's Linux OS and Browser, I still must reinstall this poor little net notebook's OS every five days to clean out the crap, because of the insane intrusions and corruptions from hell-world's desperate infantile elitist bullies who are demanding to be taught what their mummies, daddies, and schools failed to teach them, because they couldn't teach them, because they can't be taught, because learning truth and reality challenges and offends their narcissistic dead-ended lies...

    I hope this powerful note is acceptable here.. If it isn't, please tell me to delete it from here, and I will so in a 'new york second', without needing to punish me for disclosing too much of humanity's negative truth.. It's only the actual real truth.. I wrote it from my pure spirit's connections to what is, and even I can't handle it.. I don't expect anyone else to be able to grasp and handle it, but maybe a few super geniuses will understand some of it.. It goes way way over the top, beyond basic comprehension... Take in a big breath, and try to read it.. Truth Stings all which is untruth... This is Linux and Humanity fighting back... I wager Mr. Linus would understand.. Linux is his 'baby'...

    What is the wars..?
    What is the war against Linux..
    What is killing our precious Linux..
    What is the opposite of the Linux Philosophy..?
    What is the opposite of Love, Truth, and Life..?

    Religion's Wars against humanity, and the 'War on Science truth, love, and reality is that hell will stop terrorizing, torturing, hurting, murdering the living, us, if we teach those in hell that it is hell, that they are hell... Those in hell aren't worth the effort.. Plus they would fight us at very step with every insanity they are till we have proved to them that they are hell, in hell... It isn't worth the effort.. They aren't worth the effort.. They are death in motion plummeting to its end, not life.. They don't have any value to Life, to Love, to Heaven, to God.. They are already dead inside.. They would destroy everything Life, Love, Heaven, Jesus, and God to remain dead in hell.. They would murder all life to remain in hell in defending their hell and their global asylum's mass insanity... Their war against God, Humanity, and Heaven is them sharing all their hellish demonic misgivings all simultaneously with their all, daring us to even try to force them to see truth, essentially begging us to dare to try to change their full stinking diaper, daring us to fight them to the death to force teach them how to realize Heaven, God, Jesus, Life, and Love.. Essentially their MO is that they will stop hating and hurting us if we teach them love, but they fight against love with all they've got... They are the Dead in their war against Life and Truth.. The Dead fear Life more than the Living fear death, being the core of Death's war against the Living... It was the cocaino-poison.. Cocaino melted their brains, minds, spirits, and souls, devolving and mutating them into dead inside zombie devils of hell.. Their war is hell-zombies devouring Life, believing if they destroy and eat those of heaven that they will have heaven, is why they are devolving themselves and humanity into cannibals like them... They believe if they pull humanity and heaven into their hell that they will own and have heaven... That's the arab's, putin's, xi's, kim's, christianity's, democracy's, rome's, the nazi's, the anunnaki's, and hell's war against Truth, Love, Life, God, Heaven, and Reality... In short, they are the sheit claiming to be god, the sheit commanding and demanding life and heaven, 'not wanting to be flushed any more', sheit not wanting to be treated like sheit...

    That's the War on Linux.. That's what's behind what's attacking and meticulously destroying and killing our precious Linux, and stifling and bullying us Linux users.. Now We Are Fighting Back!.. I Am Fighting Back Against Their War!, defending Linux from hell as best I can.. I Love Linux.. They have no right to kill what I love!..
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    What is: "gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/user/.gnupg"

    I just stumbled upon the problem that allows hackers to infiltrate Linux OS's, and to do internal damage.. It seems every Linux system is being plagued with it...
    This came up in Terminal while I was trying to install Librewolf to replace the heavily corrupt Firefox:
    "gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/user/.gnupg"

    Surf Google or Dog'sPiles or QuackQuack for that line, and you'll see it's been a problem for Linux users for decades.. A few websites offered a solution to it, but some who tried it posted that it caused a disaster...
    So this is how the demons are getting into my little net notebook, forcing me to reinstall the OS every five days to clean them out...

    Off the top: I think we need all Linux World to address that little problem, to create a strong defence against it, and a quarantine jail for it...

    I wager most everyone has noticed microsoft's nasty meddling in today's YouTube video pages.. Every YouTube video is horribly infested with adverts, and the ad-blockers don't work, or have been banned from Firefox by microsoft's newest super attack on humanity.. Seems microsoft is extremely desperate for money.. Seems microsoft is at war with humanity..

    Now all the good Firefox addons have been eliminated from the Firefox addons pages.. Ublock, Dark Reader, and Hide Comments&chat, and everything that made the internet pleasing and comfortable has been removed by microsoft's google and youtube.. Seems it's all about having the power to infiltrate and control the User's computers, playing big bad almighty weeeeee gagagoogoo god with our lives... It's obviously a part of the evil in the war between good and evil... That's what's destroying Linux...
    Someone out there in hell definitely needs shrinks and special pills...

    Note that Librewolf can't be installed in a Linux OS anymore.. microsoft is blocking Librewolf from installing.. They want us to run their corrupt old thht Firefox, and switch to their hell browser 'chromium'..

    We really do need a new kind of Linux operating system, one that installs with Librewolf, and blocks all the nazi elitist pigs hell-stuff.. It would be super if the honourable Librewolf crew could give us as new OS...

    Today's insane elitist families and their hell-biased corporations are literally pulling humanity down into their hell.. They are eating us alive like how wild african dogs eat their prey alive... HecK! Many of them probably even eat human veal and bloodwine in their woofwoof vile cannibal restaurants, WhooH!, Hell is upon us...
    I have a huge note that discloses more of the too much truth, but the way it's written it would probably melt your computer screens and eye glasses, so I'm trying to soften it a lot.. Not easy...

    The internet has been destroyed.. The internet is now an active organized crime scene.. There isn't any more good left in the internet when you must wade through that vile stinkin swamp of never ending corporate diarrhea... The great evil has ripped the internet to shreds like how african wild dogs feed... The money suckers have turned the internet into a great turd floating in a plugged latrine..
    The nephilim prodigy (us) and its leaders and handlers have lost their minds, and has devolved down to our primary component...

    I think I'm gonna drop the internet.. It isn't fun and safe anymore.. The kooks even made the internet into putin-style terrorism and torture war.. I can't install the Firefox addons that used to quieten the crap, and darken the screen.. It am on the computer most nights.. The stinging blinding white screen is torture.. The excessive adverts are probably like swimming in a rural cess pool..The devils claim that I can have a nice dark ad-free crap-free screen if I pay them my money for it.. Seems I will be permitted normal comforts if I pay them for it...

    I tried a new ISO of 'Linux Mint Mate 20' this week.. Librewolf wouldn't install.. The OS wouldn't even play mp3's.. A couple of YouTube music videos loaded with their contents replaced by vile nasty horrid noise.. My bookmarks file opened damaged.. Things on the desktop froze or crashed.. This is probably hell-world killing Linux.. Maybe a world court global class-action thing would stop hell from destroying our precious Linux... I'm lucky I saved twenty notebook hard drives loaded with the clan older Linux Mint 20 and Librewolf...

    I'll try to edit this huge truth note.. In the meantime, spring is on the horizon, It's warming up out there, I can work out there again, oh yay... I have lots to do.. To hell with the internet.. The g'rillas broke it.. It was fun while it lasted, before it got slaughtered and tossed into its crypt...

    I got me all the music and videos I needed.. microsoft can have its crazy asylum google and youtube.. I don't need it anymore.. I sure don't want to be forced to swim in their crazy youtube plugged toilet full of all them thar stinkin little soulless floaters...

    A WARNING to everyone.. Do so make an external hard drive of all your computer treasures, before it's all been deleted on you.. Buy an external hard drive today... If you have an older model external hard drive that failed, you can open the case, and remove the USB connector apparatus, and use it to attach hard drives to your computer to format to make hard drives into external hard drives...
    If you are still running windows OS's, it is absolutely crucial you back up your treasures immediately before 'Storm' hits the internet, killing every global connected windows OS that hour...
    Do your Linux friends a big flavor.. Set up an old tower or retired notebook with 'Linux Mint Mate 19' for their precious files, before hell's foofoo gucky latrino gwaqamoli has hit their fans...
    Every internet forum should make a Linux backup system of their forum, before the internet dies, so when it's revived, you'll still have your files and members... (pretend that para is in red caps, with sparks flying off the letters)..
    Hmmm..? 'sparky fonts', 'animated fonts'.. Would be fun to have an animated smilie icon be a pimply butt loud humongous farting at an offensive scammer emailer, as the alternative to simply silently calmly blocking their nasty thht mails..

    I think we need a new breed of Linux, an OS in front of an OS.. The shield OS takes all the hell-thht, and dismantles and quarantines it before it gets to the internal organs of the internal OS...

    Surf this in youtube: 'dan balan and katerina begu version'..
    Play it in a loop in a forest.. Be sitting..

    When I tried to post this, up came a pop up 'database error'.. That's the elitist nazi demons trying to prevent this truth from being publicized...
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    What now..?

    I'm still trying to figure out a way to stop the hell demons from destroying our precious Linux.. If there's a solution, I'll find it...
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    What now..?

    First thing to try will be to change the shell.. Then try to install Librewolf to see the warning message..

    Off the top: Can we somehow combine two different Linux OS's to make a single stronger one..? Can we blend Fedora with Ubuntu..?

    What would we have if we inversed a windows OS..? turned it inside-out, like how a hunter does a field dress on a dead bird by stepping on its wings, and pulling hard on its legs.. Field dress windows..

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    Maybe a Solution to what's destroying Linux..

    The best thing the global consumer can do right now is to implement a huge massive multi-global class-action plot to have the whole world boycott the internet and all their bullying games, ads, and crap.. They may own the internet, but they sure don't own us!.. Teach those loveless soulless hell-biased little floating turds a very important lesson, that the consumer is where they get all their money from, and that it's not nice to bully, cheat, terrorize, torture, rob the consumer, that it's very bad for business.. Bankrupt the bullies.. Severing the demon nazi's money flows should wake them thar little turds up a little...

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    I'm working on plan-B.. The hacks tie into the OS's programs, is how they make their infantile messes in the OS, like a baby with a leaky diaper crawling across a white shag carpeted floor.. That happened, saw that, wasn't pleased, WhooH!.. So I am uninstalling everything this netbook's Mint Mate 20' doesn't need to still be an internet netbook: update manager, notifications, apartment, thunderbird, logs, drawing, backup, doc viewer, and more.. Doesn't matter if I wreck the OS, as it takes only 20-minutes to reinstall, and I don't ever keep any thing of value in this thht computer.. It's only for looking at crap on the latrinonet...

    Would be nice to find a link that tells everything to be removed to make it a bare bones OS just for the net..
    Would be better to find a Linux cleaner that strips out all the unneeded cruft to make it just a net OS..

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    Add a Firewall to Linux..

    Linux needs a better firewall.. Get 'Safing Portmaster'..


    If your browser isn't bringing up the Portmaster webpage, go to manage add-ons, and temporarily disable them all.. The hacker demons sure don't want you to install Portmaster Firewall...

    Go through all the options in Portmaster.. It takes a little while to load to the desktop.. With this install of Portmaster Firewall, I just discovered that there's 300 parasitic connections to my little netbook.. Feels like 300 cannibal swamp leaches of hell are feeding at my veins.. The anunnaki space dinosaurs of hell are sure desperate to steal new knowledge.. Stealing is the only way they know how to get new stuff...

    Do so dump Firefox at first boot.. Do not open Firefox, not even for a second.. Replace it with Librewolf..
    Note: When you click the last code line in Terminal to install Librewolf, it fails.. Drop Terminal, bring it back up, and try install again.. It works the second try... The demons don't want you to install Librewolf...

    Best way to eliminate Firefox's hacker exploit holes is to erase the hard drive running it through DBAN's Autonuke full course.. Don't have any external media in USB slots when running DBAN.. It will erase them.. Acquire an ISO of Linux Mint Mate 20.. Install the OS ISO without a net connection.. Double encrypt it.. Find first encryption option hidden in start install in a little box.. At first boot run Control Panel, Startup Applications, uncheck them all.. Click up Synaptic to completely uninstall: Rsync, Hexchat, Transmission, Libre Office, Firefox, Bluetooth, (careful to not uninstall network manager).. Reboot.. Change source to a trusted university.. Reboot.. Add Bleachbit 4.2 from external media.. Do not allow Bleachbit to connect to the net.. Uncheck its update in prefs without a net-connection.. Do not upgrade Bleachbit nor the OS, not ever.. Now net-connect.. Add: Librewolf, Portmaster.. Reboot.. Run Bleachbit after unchecking: clipboard, custom, free disk space, localizations, memory..
    Do not update anything: not Bleachbit, Updates, nor Librewolf.. Everything works good the way the OS is from the installation ISO... Updating will pull in state of the art hacker exploit holes, and all the evils...
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    I'm on a quest to shield our beloved Linux from the wrath of hellish demons. If there's a remedy out there, rest assured, I'll uncover it...

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    I'm looking forward to your mighty weapon.. Thank you for your reassuring powerful input.. I sure needed that while I was 'drowning'..

    I installed 'Portmaster Firewall' and 'Librewolf Browser' using Terminal in Linux.. All the intrusions suddenly totally vanished...

    One might need to temporarily disable all the firefox add-ons to get Portmaster and Librewolf websites to load.. Something in Google (hellgle & hellcrosoft) and in microsoft's heavily corrupted firefox add-ons is blocking those sites from loading to the screen.. hellcrosoft sure doesn't want people to use these two items, because they block hellcrosoft's incessant infantile hacking and bullying...

    Now I don't need to reinstall the OS every week.. The OS's remain clean.. I'm finally free of those infantile internet hacker bullies.. I left a notebook on and net-connected all night, nothing touched it..
    Now how do I stop WW3..?

    Hey! I just caught this momentary flash tiny silly thought off the top.. I don't know if can go anywhere, and it's difficult to define since I don't know anything about compopoduh's.. I nevuh went to cumpooduh skool.. I'm just uh ilemlidderut.. Up here in der mountaynz we dontz git any skoolin ceptin fer the stuff grampa tells us ubowt duh bars'n duh birdz, and wut not tah do wif yo sistahs..
    Can a password source from two locations in halves..? Can encryption be split into two different locked sources..? Can encryption be inverted or inversed..? Can file doors and passwords be inversed, then something exclusive only to that particular computer's OS opens them, like it needs to know the computer's serial number to open things.. I'm supposing hacks can't get deep enough to learn the computer's serial number...

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    No one has infiltrated this OS for a whole month done this way..

    Update on this securing a Linux OS (Linux Mint 20.3) from the hacker bully babies..

    With Librewolf, PortMaster, and Protonmail, none of those insane mother-dependent black-ops gorillas have managed to infiltrate nor damage the OS for a whole solid month.. I haven't had to reinstall the OS for a whole month.. It's uh mearakul...

    Now to stop WW3.. Today I might have published what will stop the war, but I can't include it here because it would probably melt your screen, make your eyes sting, give you migraines, bring in the helicopter swat teams, make y'all fill yer pants, and have y'all running screaming to your mummies and daddies... If 'putrid the barbarian' gets the message, the war will suddenly stop... He's ok with the messing part because he's already wearing his special pampers pullups cancer diaper, but whose mummy and daddy will he run to..? LOL, First time I chatted with him, after our 12-posts I told him "Get Pampers", and now he has.. LOL...

    The very best thing everyone can do for their personal cyber security right now is to immediately back-up all your computer and phone files to an external hard drive before the grid goes down from solar flares and WW3 EMP.. Store your external hard drive in a closed tin box...

    Second thing to do is to reinstall the OS clean.. Wash out hell-web's sticky stinky life-sucking criminal evils.. Add Librewolf and PortMaster, get a Protonmail account... Boycott microsoft, yahoo, and gmail... If you are running windows, get Linux Mint 20.3..

    Third thing to do is to push away from the computer, phone, and games, go out for some fresh air, clean up some of your messes, live some life, be your life.. Life is not a violent cartoon.. The computers and phones are essentially only kiddie toys for many...

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    Big Oops, failing to double encrypt a Linux install...

    I installed 'Linux Mint 20.3' in an old notebook, but accidentally skipped clicking-on 'encrypt the system'.. Two days later a demon black-hacker got in, and made the back-up external hard drive be read only.. I have 30 back-up external hard drives, so I can't ever loose my valued data files, but this one was the latest up to date work one.. I found three odd files in the software's and ISO's files, and an mp4 that loaded itself to the desktop, and boycotted them, and uploaded everything from the damaged ext hd onto another terra hd, then triple formatted the damaged hd, then uploaded everything back onto it.. Done and OK, didn't loose even one file... Now I'm uploading the refreshed back-up ext hd to the 30 back-up ext hds.. I'm ready if those mother-dependent full-diaper hell-demons damage a back-up ever again... Seems I should always be making two working back-ups...

    I am amazed that there's a cult of a billion evil people out there stifling and destroying humanity's greatest scientists for their terrorist organization's delusions, scams, and crimes.. So far their cult has murdered 100-million wise thinking women, all of humanity's pioneering scientists, all of humanity's saviors, all of humanity's angels, all of humanity's best... I am humanity's last great scientist.. Only three murder attempts on my life these past three months, oh yay.. 75-attempts in all that I know of.. They can't kill an ascendant, but they sure do try.. It's them suiciding, and murdering humanity.. I wish they had functional brains, minds, and pure spirits... Seems they are desperate to silence truth... I have it to build the liquid light engines to get our species to our 1000 deserted developed nephilim planets, and to our four nephilim spirit-home 'heavens', to take ownership of our 1000 nephilim planets, nephilim heavens, and this universe, but the cult kookoo's are stopping me... Maybe they have a better plan, but all their plans seem to all end in hell and extinction... The kookoo's seem to believe that the way to realizing all the rewards of the rest of life (the 'afterlife') is earned by: reciting silly infantile prayer poems, enduring hardships, sadomasochism, being polite for the first time in their lives on their deathbeds, and making pretend goofy piety self-righteous faces, believing it'll fool their pretend god into believing they are good.. WhooH! Save us from the self-righteous kookoo's.. They are the war against science, and the wars against all that is good.. Seems I am the front lines in this war against their evil and insanity.. Seems I'm the last one.. It looks like our species is extinct in nine-years.. No one can say I didn't give it my all to try to prevent our species extinction, but the kookoo's stopped my sciences, and pretty much destroyed my earthly life... Problem is that the kookoo's are winning their crazy war against good.. I think our species is screwed.. Oh well 'chit happens'..

    The damn anunnaki planet-invader space dinosaurs have destroyed yet another civilization and planet.. It's their hobby, their way of living life, their prime-directive, it's what the alien t.rex's do.. I can't fight them anymore.. I must give up.. At least I have the afterlife, but they and you don't.. This whole species ends physically and spiritually.. Sorry, but it's true...
    The only way a human can realize the rest of life ('afterlife') is to on their own solve the akashic records start to finish, and to solve the voynich.. Took me one hour per day consecutive for 24-years to solve the akashic records, and the glowing voynich just appeared on my lap one late evening while I was at the computer... Seems to get the proverbial 'heaven' one must be invited by the occupants of 'heaven'.. Religions have it all wrong.. The nephilim angel spirits don't want human-demons in their home.. They want only pure spirits like themselves.. If we were to let humans into our spirit home, humans would violently rape us, try to make us unto their disposable sex toys, kill us, eat us, poop all over the gardens and walks, start a war in 'heaven', totally destroying our 'heaven' and us in no time... Ain't gonna happen kookoo's.. We have defenses against human-demons...

    The black-hacker demons damaged my external hard drive back-up in an attempt to block that truth.. They don't know I have 30 back-ups... They should all suicide tomorrow.. That's really all they have left of truth, love, life, and heaven...

    Tip 1: Double encrypt.. Install computer operating systems encrypting the OS and the home files so hell's kookoo's can't damage your external media back-ups...

    Tip 2: Never ever have a back-up USB external media attached to the computer while the computer is connected to the internet..

    Tip 3: Make two up to date back-ups..

    Tip 4: At first boot-up run synaptic to dump: rsync, firefox, libre office, hexchat, transmission, bluetooth.. Uncheck all start-up apps immediately.. Add Bleachbit 44.2 from a flash without a net connection, run it without a Net-connection first time, don't let it update, run it hard.. Change sources to a trusted university or to wiki.. Install Librewolf and PortMaster in the new OS install immediately.. Install Librewolf via terminal, and PortMaster from the Web..

    Tip 5: Acquire a CD of DBAN.. *Never ever run DBAN with any external media in the USB slots..

    Tip 6: This is happening a lot these days to pure-spirit deep thinkers.. If you ever feel an irritating isolated sting on your head, that's a cannibal remote-viewer vampire maggot feeding.. Essentially it's the living dead, nasty spirits of the dead...
    Image your spirit hands seizing the pest, ripping it off of your head, plunging it through the earth's crust into inner earth, slamming it against hell's wall, then slamming several four foot hardwood stakes through it deep into the wall, then dousing it with petrol, and lighting it... The sting will vanish instantly... The vampire has thus been vanquished... Slaughtering vampires and demons is one of my hobbies...
    Hey! if you want to see a real vampire, acquire an east india ashram medallion.. Set it face down in the middle of a bed on a tight white cotton bed-sheet at midnight in a dimly lit (no candles) quiet warm room.. Place a tissue with some fresh blood on it about three feet away from the medallion with a one inch computer fan blowing the blood scent toward the medallion, leave the room, and watch the medallion via a camera and remote screen in the next room, not from the doorway.. Do not gaze upon the medallion with eyes, or the beast won't show...
    When the medallion gets to the blood, flip it over with a toothpick, not your fingers.. That little monster strikes fast as lightning with those two needle sharp quarter inch fangs.. If you give it eye contact it will disappear.. Look at it only through via the remote camera screen, and it will put on a show...When finished with the medallion, do not harm nor hurt the little monster in any way, or it's daddy will so attack you at half the speed of light.. You could not survive that attack... Do not touch the medallion, handle it only by its cord.. Put it into a sealed bottle, and by its cord flip the horrid thing into the sea, or onto the roof of a church... That's some truth the hell-demons don't want you to see and know... That's the front-lines of the evil in the war between good and evil.. That what's behind and driving the Ukraine war and WW3... Please make a YouTube video of it.. The world needs to see it...

    Tip 7: Win a lotto.. Lets try: 16, 28 37, 13, 6, 9, (41)..

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