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    New kind of desktop handler request..

    I want to see a new kind of animated desktop handler..

    See: Pinterest Mystical screaming Dragon

    I want a sleeping animated three headed dragon on the desktop.. Each head is configured to a specific program.. When the cursor moves close to a head, that associated program launches after the dragon head jumps into action, lunging screaming fierce, biting the cursor.. The associated program launches...

    When that program is clicked off, its dragon head suddenly enters from the side of the screen lightning fast, blasting fire, and fiercely screaming bludy-hell blue-murder at the window, exploding it into a sudden splash burst explosive blast of swirling rising fiery sparks like how a sudden burst of airborne glowing cinders happen when you toss a large piece of firewood onto a campfire..

    'Maya' cinema special effects software could do it...
    After the blast, the fire and sparks clear, and the three dragon heads calm down, and settle down, close their eyes, and go back to sleep...

    All features of the dragon heads are customizable: dragon types, shapes, sizes, designs, colors, skin tones, fangs, eyes, lighting, positioning, type of scream, type of fire, color of fire, backgrounds, standing or flying dragon, quantity of dragon heads..

    What name would one call that OS..? There's already a Dragon OS...
    Calling it 'gates to hell' might be pushin it a bit, but it might fit..?

    I had a weird fun exciting wicked experience in a deep trance experiment.. I solved spirit time-travel.. This one time I was exploring inner earth, when I came upon an ancient mountain range, full of non-weathered primary sharp pointy rocky peaks.. I came upon a plateau, which had a massive 40-foot tall wooden door against the mountain side..
    While I approached the door, a huge fierce three headed lizard creature charged at me from around the corner, screaming mad, violently lunging its three heads at me trying to bite me from all angles.. I ducked, swerved, dodged its strikes and lunges.. I tugged on the three major glands in my brain, pulled them into a convergence, went invisible to the beast, and quickly made my way to behind Cerberus, where I reconstituted, hauled my leg far back, and hard as I could Kicked my boot into its huge rectum.. It leap off the cliff in sudden shock.. The three heads twisting and contorting to see what had just kicked it off the cliff, to plummeting to its death.. I grinned, and made a half hand byebye snap wave with my fingers at the three shocked heads.. then turned, kicked the great wooden door into a sudden cloud-burst of slivers, and walked in... I met someone there... We had a little fun... I frightened the sheit out of him...

    That's why I want an animated dragon desktop handler...
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