SOLVED: Accidentally pressing caps lock, 'Spamming Keyboard'..

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Thread: SOLVED: Accidentally pressing caps lock, 'Spamming Keyboard'..

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    SOLVED: Accidentally pressing caps lock, 'Spamming Keyboard'..

    I am forever accidentally tapping caps-lock while I writers-roll compose.. I'm about THAT! close to losing my temper.. It breaks a writers-roll as bad as 'a mosquito buzzing around your face'...
    Sometimes I look up from the keyboard, and see I've typed a whole line of caps.. Grrrrr! and BIG! Bad words, like: **** & *^#...

    On the left side of the keyboard, crazy-glue one side of the: Caps Lock, Shift, Fn, and Alt keys, not the Ctrl, because you'll need it for operations like photo editing, and installing stuff... Now no more accidentally hitting caps lock.. oh yay and sigh...


    Linus and Linux is all about love for the good life..
    A Linux style tip for living life the Linux way..

    In topic: 'blood-sucking parasite mosquitoes buzzing around your face while you are keyboard composing'..
    You can eliminate all the mosquitoes and fruit flies from your living space easy..
    In April and May look in the yard every day just as the sun starts to rise or set, for their mating clouds, when they are in a large group buzzing up and down, mating.. Spray those mating clouds with bug spray.. Generally they prefer to do their mating dances above a dark blue backdrop or standing water, so set out a tray of water on blue cloth to bait them to a specific spot.. After that cure, I might see three mosquitoes in my yard the rest of the year, and I never ever have fruit flies in the house.. Pest bugs all gone... Never leave veggie garbage outside unsealed.. Don't dump veggie trash in your garden compost.. Fruit flies will breed in it...

    Never kill a spring hornet nest without bagging it in the middle of the night.. If you do, the remaining hornets know a human killed their queen, and they'll make two new nests three feet apart to watch each others back for attacking humans.. Those new hornets are the mean nasty hornets with a powerful hate for humans...
    The first spring hornet nests are friendly hornets... If I don't want a hornet nest in my yard, I stand under the hornet nest, and telepath to the queen, "Your majesty, a firestorm is approaching. I need to move your nest to a safe place. I need you to maintain your warriors passive and quiet during the move. Expect some unavoidable disturbances, bumping, and shaking during the move".. I give her five minutes to digest the message, then cut down the nest with bare hands, and relocate it to a nearby forest, and tie it in a tree..
    I occasionally feed those relocated hornet nests some honey and pepsi.. They come to me giving my hands and face little pinches, is the queen giving me little thankful hornet-hugs for the kindness.. I can have them land on my fingers, and they let me caress the fuzz on the backs..I telepath to the queen to tell her children to say away from my house and the porches, and they do... They're Just friendly yellow flies with a nasty defense weapon.. If you don't hurt them, they don't hurt you... I say 'you are welcome to rest here on my hand while I watch over your safety'.. It sets its belly to my skin, and its beak on a hair, and goes to sleep till I wake it with gentle touch... But the neighbors kill nests, and in the late summer I find twin nests three feet apart in my yard.. Those ones I must destroy.. They are the ones that'll sting us for no apparent reason... I gave them a piece of apple.. I moved the piece of apple, and got three stings.. and they got the Raid can...
    I've seen some people actually pee and poop their pants when a friendly hornet flew close to them... Life must be a living hell for them to fear life so much... We hate what we fear... Heaven is life...

    To keep the berry stealing robins and bluejays from nesting in the tress around the yard, while I'm doing spring cleanup I am watching for them coming into the yard, in May, in mated pairs searching for nesting spots.. I look up at them, and say to them "You can't nest here, the evil neighbor demon over there will kill and eat your babies".. The male makes a single loud chirp sound, meaning 'I understand', and they fly away... Birds understand English better than most humans do... In forests the birds are mother nature's eyes, ears, and voice... I get them to land on my hands, and sing me a song...

    The guy at the local smoke shop told me, for years he was being pestered by robins in his country home gardens, always stealing all his grapes, cherries, and berries, leaving him absolutely none for pies, wines, and jams, and intentionally crapping all over his truck windshield, tomatoes, lawn tables and chairs, and on front step and railings.. He says 'robins are demonic bullies from hell'.. So he stapled bug tanglefoot gluepads to a piece of wood, and set a fake dew worm on the glue to catch the bully robins, to dispose of those dern bullies... Now he's got homemade pies, wines, and jams, and no more birdie poop everywhere on everything.. He clipped the robins wings, and tossed them over the fence to the neighbor's cats for them to have some bullying fun with.. Byebye robin bullies, and no more loud irritating screaming "Chirup Chirup Chirup Screech!" at 5:AM every morning... Dem dern robins got microsofted, putinned, and kittycatted...
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