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    I have been bouncing all over the Net searching for a download Harmony ISO link, to test it in an thht notebook at the library, but to no avail.. Most Harmony links are non-functional, and I can't find links to a Harmony ISO download anywhere.. I emailed them twice.. My emails got bounced.. I think I'm gonna give up on the Harmony OS, write it off as a no-go, flush it down dee toileet before it bites and stings me.. It has already been a ton of grief trying to get anything going from them.. Plus I read that it shares a lot of Windows software.. It probably isn't really Linux, but just a re-engineered pirated twisted mishmash version of Windows laced with Wine and Linux softwares.. On a hunch, I bet it has so much Wine in it that it probably should have been labeled 'Wynux' or 'Rynux'...

    I think I'm going to pop-in the Linux Mint CD, and reinstall the OS in this netbook just in case this OS has been infiltrated by yellow weirdies, as I've been clicking on a lot of Harmony and Huawei links.. I have a thing about test driving every new Linux OS, but China..??? uuumm, I ain't sure if it's worth the risk.. My first impression about it is that it's probably a massive state of thee art interwoven batch of trojans and spywares like China's Opera browser turned out to be.. (read about Opera in Reddit, it's scary. I tried it three times, not a pardy).. Harmony OS is probably a kraken-monster hungry for Americaner flesh, blood, souls, and bank accounts... There's been a lot of bad Press on Huawei doing a lot of bad kookoo things in the West, and now China is threatening nuclear war with America over Taiwan.. That doesn't sound like a fun good thing.. And now 'Hooarethey' wants to drive our teliephones.. Doesn't feel right.. Kinda gives the feeling like 'daring to tickle a curious hungry wild crocodile's chinie-chin-chin' beside the boat.. I'm gonna pass on Harmony OS, and be ready to hide in duh basement under a sheet of roofing lead when I sees dem dar chineser nookooluh flashes on CNN or in dee sky...

    Now it's reinstall this netbook's OS just in case...

    Harmony is a nice theme and title.. and there's a special sillycon robot out there called Harmony that supposedly does lots uh nice things for yah.. I wouldn't mind acquiring one o dem dar talkin rubbery Harmony thangs, just to chat with of course...
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