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    Red face LPIC-1 certification

    Hi there!

    I want to get the LPIC-1 certification and I would love to receive advices form you guys.

    Also, where I can find uppdated exam tests to practice?

    Many thanks!

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    Just guessing princess, but if I were searching for test exams I'd talk to the handsome sharpiedoo criminal potheads, the tall handsome babyfaced ones standing in small tight groups just outside of view from the school windows at noon... But don't trust them the slightest.. Make sure your pockets are emptied before you're near them, don't have a purse, and be sure you aren't wearing any jewellery.. Their way of life is all about evil, lightning quick stealing, and every crime they believe they can get away with.. Crime and evil is all they know, all they live for, all they do, their way of life.. They can't even trust themselves... They'll probably have photo-copies of the exams...

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    going through the writing process.

    way. Handwritten book

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