Can a firewall fight back? Can there be an attack firewall?

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Thread: Can a firewall fight back? Can there be an attack firewall?

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    Can a firewall fight back? Can there be an attack firewall?

    We have a firewall that detects and blocks an incoming intruder, that's the end of what we have.. But I would like to have something that hits back at the criminal hacker intruder, something that seizes the intruder's link and connection, and turns it around, and gets into his OS with a sudden glass shattering audio, and a powerful GIF image of a cracked screen.. Then a pelican flies by across his screen, and poops in the middle of the screen with a loud 'Splat' sound, and the huge birdie poop GIF dribbles down the attacker's screen.. And some how the hit gets planted in the intruder's OS's files such that a reboot doesn't clear it... Can GIF's be layered..?

    I've been bullied a lot over the net.. I want something I can fight back with, besides the nasty things I can do, which I am not at liberty to implement because I don't hurt living things.. but this harmless 'crack and splat' on the criminal's screen might make internet intruders want to think twice, an 'attack firewall'... Can it be built..? Is anyone working on animated desktop handler screen..? Can a GIF be sent via an inversed trojan..? Maybe it would require a new type of binary, one that bypasses 1's and 0's..? Maybe stalls, leaps, and flips..? Maybe a flexible egg or balloon binary that compresses and expands, inflates and deflates..? Maybe a planetary binary like the solar system format is..? Is there such a thing as a 'fat or puffy binary', or a GIF binary, or a tri-binary..? Is anyone working on new stuff..? Is anyone working on stuff that might one day obsolete binary..? Could it be strobing rainbow laser upon layered fluorescent inert elemental sublimate substrate..? But then it would need be heated with platinum carbon battery, which would call for extreme refrigeration cooling so the computer doesn't vaporize... Can't be done in this world with the primitive materials and technologies we have and haven't... With use of a lab I could create 200-million new chemicals, but humanity tells me it doesn't want anything I have... Too bad you found gun powder, cordite, lead azide, and uranium that you use to kill each other with so much... I hope you stop your crazy wars before you use your plutonium... Lets have peace and love instead... Life is much better than death...

    If you could see with spirit time travel, you would see that this solar system had 28 original planets.. Most of them spiraled into the sun.. This star eats her babies, recycling on the grandest scale, but is there anything out there that eats solar systems..? Seems in life everything there is has something that eats it.. Is there anything feeding upon this solar system besides the sun eating her own babies..?
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