My New Utility Computer Desk Needs a Few Items.. I'm Stuck For a Solution...

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Thread: My New Utility Computer Desk Needs a Few Items.. I'm Stuck For a Solution...

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    My New Utility Computer Desk Needs a Few Items.. I'm Stuck For a Solution...

    I made a third computer desk for working on repairing my stacks of hundreds of retired computers that computer repair shops give me free to make free computers for terminally ill kids.. On the desk are all the good Linux ISO CD's and repair disks, all the tiny tools, hundreds of sorted RAM cards of all kinds, 200 phones and phone pads, password locked apple notebooks that won't reset to get to process mp3 music, a scientific Linux 6 notebook for opening stubborn external media, a notebook for formatting hard drives with Linux and DBAN, and dozens of tiny trays full of various bits of useful computer and phone bits and parts..

    What I need are three special notebooks..
    *One that restores bad sectors in old hard drives..
    *One that resets stubborn password frozen iPhones and iPads..
    *One that processes iPhones and iPods for mp3 music, that doesn't fail after an unwanted forced upgrade..

    I tried to process iPhones with retired Apple notebooks and retired Microsoft notebooks, but in about 6-weeks of use they auto update, and suddenly cease working with iPhones and iPods.. Why do these old computers stop working with iPhones after those unwanted forced upgrades..? Is there a way to live upgrades free using these junk computers..? Why all the bullying on old junk computers..? Is it a crime to use junk electronics in your world..?
    I don't have any money to put out being on this basic thht survival old age pension, of which every monthly cheque runs out in three weeks of every month.. It kinda feels like living in hell...

    I would have the funds, but the money-hungry politicians stole my three newly discovered uranium mines, my two newly discovered gold mines, and my three big lotto wins.. Not fun being a meal for the zombies.. I guess they needed the money, and have the power and authority to destroy a citizen's life with their demonic terrorist organization's democracy organized crime abomination...

    How do I make old retired notebooks process iPhones and repair bad sectors in crap hard drives..?
    I've still got a little lifetime left, but my feet are puffing up, my chest sometimes stings, and my knees sting all day, but the heart pills and nitro mist squirter thing helps a bit..
    How can I live my final year(s) (months) without being perpetually eaten-up, stuck in their incessant demonic pig-trough?..

    I offered them the nephilim universe, the four nephilim heavens, and immortality.. They gave me humanity hell and death.. The offer has thus been retracted... Not a problem, I have the afterlife in the pocket, they don't, they all end squirming in their stinkin' greedy ooze, festering puss, and slime, like they are dying melting bait worms in the can in the hot sun... LOL, They think they're humans because in the mirror they look like humans...
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