Rocky Linux 9.4 Released, Here?s What?s New

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Thread: Rocky Linux 9.4 Released, Here?s What?s New

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    Rocky Linux 9.4 Released..

    I saw that Rocky ad, so I decided I should check it out.. But first I would check out the forum, since microspoof owns so many of the now forums, and they aren't nice friendly people..

    I registered in the rocky forum..

    To: Rocky Forum Admin..

    I had a little chat with your mindless brainless stupid discobot..

    Greetings! May 14 discobot

    @discobot: Is this a Linux Rocky forum, or is this a Microsoft Linux forum? Please tell the Truth.

    discobot: Uh oh, I don't see any bookmarks in this topic. Did you find the bookmark under each post? Use the show more to reveal additional actions if needed.

    @discobot: Who owns and operates Rocky Computer Forum?

    discobot: Hey, thanks for the reply!
    Unfortunately, as a poorly programmed bot, I can't quite understand that one. :frowning:
    You can try again, or if you'd like to skip this step, say skip. Otherwise, to start over, say start tutorial.

    @discobot: Who is the registered owner of this computer forum?

    discobot: Aw, sorry. I'm still not getting it. :anguished:
    I?m just a bot, but if you'd like to reach a real person, see our contact page.

    @discobot: Seems you are about as stupid as a stepped-on cricket on the garden walk in the rain. Is AI an absolute imbecilic idiot?

    discobot didn't respond..


    Posted in Rocky Forum..

    I read that Microsoft acquired some of Red Hat..

    I can't run a Widows OS without the Microsoft enforcer hackers killing the OS hard and fast, is why I switched to Linux.. Given that Microsoft is part of Red Hat now, has Microsoft installed any of its nasty bully hackering exploit holes in Rocky 9.4..? Is Rocky OS safe and secure, or is it just a scam, totally filled-up with Microsoft?s hell-biased greed-class bullying evils..? Just wondering, just asking.. Is it ok in your world to demand the truth..?

    I'm gonna try Rocky-9 in one of my hundred spare acquired retired notebooks, but I'm expecting that Microsoft's evil infiltrates and kills it faster than I can say 'oh darn'..

    At first boot, I'm gonna dump Firefox in-favor of Librewolf, and add PortMaster Firewall.. The money-sucking demon-monkeys can't get through That barrier.. I hope Rocky has a quiet desktop.. Science writers need a quiet uncluttered desktop.. I hope this OS doesn't fight, bash, bully, and insult the user like most computer OS's do.. Recall widows 7, WhooH! an evolved drunk lab-chimpanzee wrote widows-7 and the walls and floor of its cage..


    Microsoft didn't annex anything from Red Hat. Red Hat incidently, was bought by IBM not so long ago. None of what you wrote is true. Perhaps you need to google and read a bit more before making such weird statements?



    Are there any Microsoft evils incorporated in Rocky OS 9.4..?

    To experience a Microsoft owned Linux forum, check out any Linux Mint Computer forum.. Post as a novice, making a few tiny concerned complaints about Microsoft's bullying, and just wait..
    In will come the seven Microsoft enforcer venomous rattle snakes to beat you up with a skilled well-practiced secretive insulting flame-war with their gaudy dressed up pasted basher book posts.. It's their job.. The female one is the meanest rattle snake of those seven Microsoft enforcers.. Just testing to determine if in fact Microsoft has or hasn't any bite and sting in this OS and forum.. If I post truth, the enforcers would see it as evil and a threat.. The corporate world doesn't have a definition of life love truth in its equation.. To the corporate world truth, love, honesty are the three greatest evils.. The corporate world is stealing Linux to cash it in.. Linux is the world's poor peoples computer operating systems.. Someone is hell-bent on destroying Linux World to eliminate the competition.. We are fighting those devils by exposing their crimes.. Linux is Not theirs to destroy.. Linux is humanity's precious diamond..

    Way back when Linux was a university lab trying to make Linux a public thing, I posted thousands of notes suggesting features and changes and solutions.. Linux is built my way..
    The funnest request I gave was: "Hey guys, I would like to see a real time list of what's happening in the OS when it's installing and upgrading".. They had it up'n running in a few months..

    And: "Hey guys: Howz about a writing program that has only the background pix on the desktop".. In a few months out came FocusWriter..

    And: "Hey guys: Howz about make the four sides of editing a pix each be movable on its own by the cursor".. They replied a couple minutes later: "Working on it"..

    And: Hey Guys: Can buttons be rectangle and square boxes, to make clicking them more efficient..? Can there be buttons that are the whole outer perimeter of a box that resize windows..?

    And: a thousand other ideas.. I noticed widows always got my ideas fast...

    Linux is built my way.. It's a shame someone is trying to murder Linux.. Feels like they are murdering my baby..


    In a couple minutes, just long enough for Rocky forum admin to read my post, I just got force logged-out of the Rocky forum moments after he read my reply.. and banned too yet.. WhooH!.. That's the quickest banning I've ever seen, suddenly logged out with no warning message, but that my login failed to work.. Something needs an emergency containment change.. Too much truth for them I suppose.. Truth does so sting the liars..

    Folks, I recommend you do not waste your time on Rocky OS.. The forum is not nice, is bullish gamey skrichians that'll beat you up at the drop of a reddish-brown hat or pin.. Am sure glad I didn't even waste the energy downloading the ISO, plus I saved wasting burning a DVD, saved the hours installing and customizing it, saved the hours checking it out just to dump it.. Tah hill with Rocky OS from the very start..
    I came, I saw, I got beat-up, I flushed it down the toileet.. We sure don't want to play where there are bullies..

    Conclusion: 'Microsoft owns their Rocky IBM buuts'..

    Another Conclusion: Before you try out a strange new OS, check out the forum first.. See what's hiding behind and controlling the new OS.. If it's a mean and nasty forum, that tells you there's probably secret bad nasty stuff inside the OS, like inside the infamous: Harmony OS, Opera browser, new Firefox, Canonical, Mailfence, Gmail, Yahoo, all essentially parts of the contents of grampa's farm outhouse.. I asked grampa "How do you flush it?".. He handed me a shovel..

    A gift for 'iwalkler' the rocky admin bully:
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