Users changing forum colors, forum settings..?

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Thread: Users changing forum colors, forum settings..?

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    Users changing forum colors, forum settings..?

    Can a forum's page colors be temporarily changed by users for the user..?
    Will it ever happen that the website visitor can go to settings, and click on a palette menu of different colors to make the forum's front page colors the colors be what they prefer while they are visiting it..? I'd like to experiment with forum's colors with a variety of dark blues, greys, and purples...
    If I am writing a grumpy angry note, I might want to make the page color be reds like 'a charging bull'...

    No bull: My brother was walking through a field toward a forest to hunt elk or whatever.. Out from the far side of the field came a huge charging boss bull at full gallop, snorting like a steam engine.. Phil eased his rifle belt off his shoulder, and calmly aimed the gun at the bull's eye, telepathing to it "One More Step You're Dead!".. Instantly the bull locked its legs, and came skidding to a halt, and just shook its head side to side making grunty snorty huffy whiny sounds.. It peed right there with the high-powered rifle still aimed at its face.. It didn't take even one more step till Phil was over the fence..
    An instant red forum splash would be nice for grumpy charging bull posts when some mother-dependent jerk is trying to start a flame war, then when composed change the color to a soft quiet peaceful angelic color, and edit the nasty post to a niceness post.. Color then becomes an emotion-shifting tool...
    My last five war posts could have used it to soften them a bit.. but no one had the balz to bounce them.. I probably melted a few screens and desks.. Those were off the top nasty mean posts, but I'm trying to stop a crazy nuclear war so I don't get vaporized sticky black radioactive people dust all over my fruit trees, home, and gardens, in the rains... To get anything through into the psychotic warmongers heads I must first get the messages through their huge insane defensive armies of mindless soldiers, tanks, rocket launchers, editors, bodyguards, psychologists, doormen, weapons electronics, butlers, potty-staff, and nurse maids, and even then there's no guarantees that they even possess the intellect to grasp the messages because they are most definitely insane as insane gets, just ultimate serial killers having gagagoogoo fun.. How do you tell a serial killer to stop its killing fun..? Back in elementary school a nun's hired serial killer proudly showed me his trophy collection of eleven different colored female's pubic hairs.. He figured they should be set in tiny picture frames to mount on his wall.. He drooled onto his shoes when he relayed the story of how one of his victims died in one of his traps when he wasn't there.. I still can't shake off the memories of that killer kook out of my mind, especially the part of him drooling profusely onto his shoes, not knowing he was drooling...
    Heck! Most violent video games these days are kids having fun pretending to be mass murderer serial killers.. and the feds wonder why there are so many coke related mall, store, and school shootings... I'm bets the Olympics gets a major bombing and shooting spree this year.. Tip: Don't go to the Olympics this year if you value your life.. See the gun fights and all the bodies in the news instead...

    A googoo search says there might be some forums that offer color change options for the user..

    Is there a Linux accessory software that would change colors on webpages, like how 'Color Selection Dialog' works.. But it only works for systems desktop home page windows background.. I tried it with the forum page.. It did nothing.. Seems that color picking program needs to be evolved a lot more for it to address everything on the desktop, would be nice...

    HeY! If there weren't colors, then everything would be greys, blacks, and whites.. Oops, this forum's base color is a soft grey.. I'd like to be able change it to medium deep sky blues at night..

    Silly thought: What if a forum auto-changed its color for the days..? Monday purples, Tuesday greens, Wednesday blues, and so on... I suppose 'Rainbow Forum' might do that..?

    Have you seen the pretty colors in the sky lately from the solar flares..?

    I read that if a big solar flare hits us, that it might swell the planet's atmosphere like it did a few decades ago, bumping all the orbiting junk into deeper space.. Musk sure wouldn't be a happy camper if his whole skynet array got suddenly tossed into space, but then the warmongers wouldn't have satellite surveillance cameras, when all their gagagoogoo electronic space-balls are spinning out of orbit toward mars or to somewhere far far away.. At least we'll see a lot of pretty colors in the sky.. It might cast-off much of the air pollution..? I hope we don't lose our planet's air.. That wouldn't be fun.. I wonder if its EMP would kill all our electronics, and old peoples pacemakers..? Will we need to hide our electronics and us under a piece of lead or tin sheet..? I'm gonna buy a large sheet of thin tin and a large sheet of thin lead to have it in my survival equipment.. but that stuff is hellishly expensive...
    OK, I just sent a request to Canada Metals for their pricing.. I bet it's over $500 delivered..

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    This site uses the forum software called vBulletin.

    YES, it has a built in option of having several to many different colored Themes.

    NO, there aren't any options now. The current and previous Owners opted to Not use the colored theme option.

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    Thank you for your input..

    I'm supposing those vb-options are only for the operators at the controls of the forum.. Is that correct?..

    In this LM OS in this Librewolf (firefox) browser I can click the 'three bars settings icon', and change the size of the type while I'm authoring a post.. is all I can do to customize a visited webpage, bu I'm seeing other controls in that tool bar, but they don't apply.. Is there firefox or Ubuntu Linux addon that would add color palette menu to that three bars setting?.. then I could simply click the three bars tool bar button, and change the colors to what ever I want at the moment.. It wouldn't harm the forum nor irritate others because it would only change my desktop's settings while the webpage is up on my own screen.. Have you heard of anything like that in development..

    I tried a firefox addon that did change colors in websites on my screen, but it was written so brute-force-powerful that it seriously permanently damaged the operating system, forcing a sudden reinstall..

    Just a flash off the top thought.. I wonder what it would feel like to compose on a pure metallic gold screen..?
    Computer colors are generally so bland and lifeless.. I wonder if there's a program that makes bright metallic colors on a cheap quality screen..?
    I'm guessing it would probably all depend upon the quality of the screen..?

    Seems we need a better screen, made from better materials.. Probably inert element phosphors.. Would probably come to be called 'Flare Screen', but I don't have use of a lab to crack the inert element bonds with liquid-electricity to create the required inert element phosphors to build flare screen, so it seems I must be content with these prehistoric thht-screens..

    I bet these new phosphors would make flashlight that could start fires from a 100-feet away, and maybe become the base technology for a handheld 'startrek-style phaser-weapon'.. I see how to build one.. I'm sure they would be a lot of fun, and super for personal protection self-defense.. Wars would be over in ten-minutes.. 'BzzzZAP!' Threats allll gone... If I had a lab we would have a lot of new stuff, but humanity fears my nephilim sciences, because they fear what they and their many out of control violent cocaino-head power-hungry kooks would do with it, so they stopped me cold... I could have created pills that would grow new organs and new brains.. I could have created 700-million new chemicals.. Someone out there with a kookoo infantile gagagoogoo god-complex doesn't want that, and would kill to prevent it.. Someone retarded wants humanity to remain in the dark ages...
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