Running Linux Mint Mate 20.3 in a notebook with Librewolf browser..

I clicked the JustLinux bookmark.. It took two whole minutes to load.. Maybe its my computer..? Don't know yet.. But this is a new hard drive with a new OS just two days ago..
The slow loading acts like a hack attack bug, the kind that destroys webpages.. JustLinux Forum might want to run a virus scan, and/or refresh the operating system.. I saw in one forum, about 25-years ago, adding several yahoo links to a forum post seriously damaged that forum's operating system.. Maybe the recent spam links that were posted infected this forum's OS with something nasty..? Maybe that's why they were posted repeatedly after a warning..? Just guessing..

If the forum's OS was suddenly destroyed by a powerful hack attack, what kind of back up system does the forum have in place to recuperate 100% from such a disaster..? Do any forums have two computers running, saving everything in real time in tandem..?

What's the IP of the spam poster, and what are the IP's of the competition forums..?