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Thread: New section all about External Media..

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    New section all about External Media..

    It would be nice to have a forum section all about external media..

    How to properly organize the files for efficiency..

    What not to do with them..

    How to repair them when a bug reconfigured an external hard drive to be 'read only'..

    How and why to dismantle a wrecked external hard drive for the hard drive USB connector assembly..
    Which older model external hard drives have a reusable connector assembly..

    Which are the best flash drives and external hard drives..

    How to delete the virtual-junk file from a modern external hard drive's internal formatting, if it can be done..

    How to make external media run faster in uploading and downloading..

    How to recover data from a cheap flash drive that's been dropped and has stopped working, if there is a way, which I doubt..

    Why CD's wear out.. How long do CD's last.. How to care for CD's.. What not to do to CD's.. How to clean CD's.. Which cleaners to use.. Which cleaners not to use.. Why to not wipe CD's in a circular motion.. Why wise corporations and banks redo their back-up CD's and DVD's every ten years.. Why a CD that dropped separated its layers..

    Why flash drives are unreliable backups..

    Why operating systems won't boot-up sometimes when an external media is in the USB slot..

    Why some brands of DVD's won't make ISO copies in Brasero..

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    Sorry. We won't be adding any new sections to the site.

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