Would like a forum section about electronic-sensors connected to Linux..

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Thread: Would like a forum section about electronic-sensors connected to Linux..

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    Would like a forum section about electronic-sensors connected to Linux..

    We have: light sensors, motion sensors, alarms, heat sensors, gas sensors, crush sensors, infrared sensors, and more..

    I want a sensor near my garden to detect fluttery cabbage butterflies, to trigger a 12-volt pump to shoot a fine water spray mist over the garden to repel them.. They destroy a garden.. They probably destroy a quarter of humanity's food crops globally.. I can build electronic circuits, but I can't find a super sensitive motion sensor component in this world's prehistoric technologies.. but, last week for $4. I acquired one of those cat and critter repellent devices, new in the box, that make a water spray when they detect a small animal, ('haveahart critter ridder') Maybe it'll work with those pest butterflies..? I hope.. There's a YouTube video of a household repelling a night burglar with one.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fUE76Myf6I

    I want to learn more about connecting sensors to Linux computers..

    What I really want is a burglar chaser that when motion-sensor triggered makes a blood-curdling gut-wrenching pants-wetting panther screaming growl way up in the tree, and triggers a relay that shakes the tree's branches when it detects a night burglar near my back fence and shed.. with glowy red lights for red eyes.. The burglar would probably seriously mess himself in his pretty pink pravda panties, and run crying for his mommy, leaving streaks of doodoo's out his pant legs...
    Like the time a herd of coyotes were stalking me while I slept in my tent in a forest.. Their leader tripped over every guy-line of the tent.. I silently unzipped the tent door-flap, and waited silent till it tripped over the last rope right beside me.. I lunged out at it making a fierce growl.. My face actually touched its furry face.. The whole herd bolted and scattered into the forest.. In the morning I found where the critter had fallen to its side where I touched it, leaving a print of its side in the snow.. There was a streak of pee and poop from my tent all the way into the forest for 50-feet.. Seems I frightened it a little.. I bet I made its eyes bulge...

    I acquired three farmer electric fence shockers.. I wonder how I could use them for safe camping..?

    I'd like a sensor that detects a strange car stopped in front of my house on the road, that detects it, and triggers a microphone that records the occupants chat, and makes a light flash in the house when it's recording.. Generally criminals stop and chat about their MO plan in their vehicle before they strike.. Would be nice to hear it, and get a recording of the criminals plans... I have a microphone to a long wire, hidden in the rocks near the end of the driveway.. About 10-years ago a small red car was parked in front of the neighbor's house.. I captured a recording of the two plain clothes cops chatting in their car in the alien anunnaki lizard dialect of: pops, clicks, squeals, grunts, growls, hisses, whines, frog and lizard sounds... The anunnaki are here to turn us into their slaves and food source, thus the wars, religions, and global crime.. The anunnaki gave us our religions.. An anunnaki can hide inside of a human.. I saw two of them with their shields down when I was little.. They look like small T.Rex's.. The anunnaki space dinosaurs are the base to the reptilian conspiracy.. They destroy planets and whole civilizations as their prime directive and way of life.. The anunnaki invaded planet earth 155,000 years ago, and turned nephilim humanity into their slaves and meat source.. Our archeologists have found their escape-proof human rock enclosures, their human stewing pots, and their human bone dumps.. The anunnaki prefer to be out of the sun, is why they have humans creating for them subterranean cities, each complete with human slave living quarters, human breeding facilities, human meat processing abattoirs, human infant snuff brothels, and human blood wine making facilities.. Humanity is Screwed... We should nuke the hundreds of subterranean cities around the planet.. We could see them with our eyes if we shone a UV laser through a convex lens composed of niobium silicate glass, ambrosia gold glass, with a little tellurium in the melt...

    I need Linux burglar alarms, and burglar frighteners... A couple years ago I stuck a three foot by two foot piece of thick sheet metal in the fence, near a tree.. That late at night there was one hell of a clatter, so loud it made my ears ring 100-feet away into the bedroom window.. Seems the little night burglar ('jessie des*****, a cops stooge') used the little tree to climb the fence, kicked the piece of sheet metal off the fence, hopped the fence, and landed both feet onto the piece of very loud crinkly sheet metal, then made lots of loud crinkly metal sounds climbing back up the fence to escape..

    I'd like to learn more about sensors and alarms connected to Linux computers...
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