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    Various RPM Packages

    I've noticed that there are different RPM packages for different distros.. like mandrake, redhat, etc. What exactly is the difference between them? If I'm running Mandrake and download & install some Redhat 8 rpms, what are the consequences?

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    The placing of files might be different, from your usual places. Also how they are configured might vary. They probably work, but there might be some wierd anomalies. I have installed few programs from outside RH and RH7.3 and they have worked well.

    I'd say be careful with installing outside of your distribution. And when it comes to libraries and similar i'd avoid installing outside of your own distribution. Individual programs probably don't hurt, but larger sets or libraries might.
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    I think a good rule is if there isnt an rpm for your distro, and there is a source tarball (which is almost always), just go ahead and compile it...its very easy.

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    If you can find a .src.rpm for the app you want, use that instead. When you install it, you get two files: a spec file in /usr/src/<distroname>/SPECS, and a tarball in /usr/src/<distroname>/SOURCE. CD to the /usr/src/<distroname>/SPECS directory, and use the "rpm --rebuild <filename.specs>" command to rebuild the rpm (it checks your distros requirements) and gives you an installable binary rpm (you'll find it in /usr/src/<distroname>/RPM). That rpm should be properly configured for your distro.
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