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    YDL clean install

    I just got a copy of YDL 2.3 & am trying to install it on an iBook SE & I think I f****** it up. I would like to do a clean reinstall. How do I go about doing this? I will only use YDL on this machine no Mac OS. Sorry for this being such an obviously newbie question. I am just getting started in the world of Linux.
    Thanks in advance.

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    you can have MacOS and YD on the system and dual boot it. I got it working right on my powerbook yesturday, that was after getting the powerbook earlier in the week.

    Anyways, for YD Linux only.
    Boot from the CD, put CD in and hold 'c' while booting. The CD will bring you a decision of what type of install process to start (gui or text), I suggest taking the default (gui w/ 2.4.19 kernel).

    The big thing to remember is that you need 3 partitions on the computer,
    1. boot loader
    2. swap
    3. the main linux partion

    If your deleting MacOS entirely, you can remove all partions on your drive and start from scratch.

    I hope this helps. Try reading through YD's website before and while doing the install.


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    Word of warning, though-- YDL 2.3 will only install to an absolutely clean partition. If you are trying to install over an existing goofed-up YDL partition, it won't work.

    I, too, got it to dual-boot with OS X on my iBook, though I had to completely reformat and partition the drive to do it.

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    To completely erase a partition using the YDL 2.3 disk, boot up as normal. When at the partition stage, delete the fscked partition. Then add the partition where is was before. This reformats that partition. I had to do this many times on my first install. ^_^
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