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    Unhappy Missing installation files

    Missing files in Mandrake linux installation?

    What I did so far:
    - Downloaded the 3 *.iso files and burn them to cd
    - Begin installation on a clean new HD
    - Linux installation disc 1 complete
    - Insert disc 2

    This is where it happened

    Could not install the following file:


    Continue or Ignore?

    I chose continue and from then all there were a whole list of missing files. I've checked the second disc and I'm sure it's right.

    Please help

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    Exclamation check the iso and/or CDROM

    Well, I know your problem since I had that problem too. The reason are following : your image file (iso) corrupted, the CD data is not readable, or your CDROM cannot read your CD. As the result, no data can be installed as requested. Try to redownload image, burn another CD, or U may try this: borrow a good reputable CDROM drive (CDRW better) to read your CD. ASUS, Toshiba, Yamaha, are the best I known for read broken (even scratched) CD.
    My suggestion: if not necessary, install only important file (kernels, LILO, Desktop manager). After that, you may add other instalation easier.

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    Re: Missing installation files

    Originally posted by tech_oasis
    I've checked the second disc and I'm sure it's right.
    And you've also verified the MD5sums of the iso files, yes?

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